Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama Photos

Barack Obama's biological father, Barack Obama, Sr.

(Barack Obama, Sr. was from Kenya.)

Barack Obama's biological father, Barack Obama, Sr.

Barack Obama's biological mother, Ann Dunham
holding a very young Barack Obama

(Ann Dunham was from Kansas.)

Barack Obama's stepfather Lolo Soetoro; biological mother Ann Dunham;
and half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng

(Ann Dunham married Lolo Soetoro, from Indonesia, after she and Barack Sr. were divorced. Barack lived with his stepfather and mother in Indonesia from age 6 - 10.)

Barack Obama's Grandparents

(When Barack returned to Hawaii at age 10, he lived with his grandparents. )

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monsterball said...

Great to know more about Obama.
How about some of your family photos?
Yes....Justine....American voters do know their own mistakes fast and correct it..immediately.
The realization....started with them voting for Bush.
That's 8 years ago..and that's how fast they learn. least 27 years of obvious sinful and bad government...yet still voted in.
This surely makes UMNO very happy with their creations of millions half past sixes Muslims....while their children are educated overseas...and they own so many properties all over the world.
If UMNO is that sincere..why are their children educated overseas...and buy up...the riches residential area in Australia.....planing to liver elsewhere....just in case.....???

A true Malaysian said...

There is one article in Malaysiakini today about assimilation titled 'Forget Obama, why don't you all start speaking BM?'

My immediate reaction was if things are not on fair basis, what is there to talk about 'assimilation' in Malaysia?

Unlike in Thailand, Chinese were able to assimilate as 'Thai' though Chinese civilization is much earlier and longer than Thai race. Why?

Justin Choo said...

A True Malaysian,

You think if all of us speak BM, we will be accepted with open arms??

monsterball said...

When UMNO keep playing race an religion politics..which is out-dated..25 years ago...yet heavily supported by ...MCA...Gerakan. and matter All other races are treated as second class UMNO...even though .those supporters.. do not want to admit it.
Too many Malaysia Chinese..are so used to developing the art to agree to disagree with UMNO....and learn up to succeed by knowing who and knowing knowing much so...their dignities and principles in life..are secondary...yet..twisted to be...the way of Malaysia.
Pro Chinese racialists...feel no shame at all.
They actually.. have no feelings for their own race nor the many sufferings in their own race.
They are so twist and turn..reasoning with proof...UMNO is still good....because it suits them fine...and no one else matters.
Indians are far below Chinese smartness...yet their eyes are opened to the truth of it all..because they think of their race...and Malaysians...and not themselves.
That is why.....UMNO is so afraid of the Indians.
Yes...Justine..many more comparisons and ideas will be make sure..we are contented and happy with present government.
For or against change of government will never be in their minds..until last vote for their own personal benefits.
These are unreliable selfish voters..with touch of being a racialist.
They are so selfish...they are playing the games...UMNO love.
Expecting them to say it clearly...where do they stand....for or against change of can wait till all the cows come home.
Study the characters and youy can clearly see the touch of thinking only for themselves...not for country and Malaysians..a a whole.
Expect them to vote for UNITY...they will twist for UMNO and BN IS unity.

Bow said...

So what if you can speak BM like the mamak, umno will come out with another racist reason for discriminatory policy against non -malay. Race and Religon politic is as old as the history of Malaysia where they are essential for divide and rule of u-no-putra.

A true Malaysian said...


I can write and speak perfect Malay, yet I am not son of the soil.

Just put aside other first, restart with level playing field, then only talk.

It is also a fact that a lot of them regard themselves as 'Melayu' and not 'Malaysian'. So, who are 'True Malaysian' here?

When we 'politely' voice out with them with facts and figures, they will back of by giving excuses like 'kami pantang dicabar'. So, what is there to talk assimilation?

monsterball said...

I can read and write perfect Bahasa with one or two years what.
Next..they will must be converted to Islam faith.

monsterball said...

Soooo Obama is half black cowboy...half black ooomba ooomba ooooomba watusi or zulu...lived and influenced by white grand parents....half sister Indon..married to Malaysian.
No wonder the whole world is NUTS about him!
You know why UMNO never talk about Obama sis married to a Malaysian?
It is because ...she is married to a Malaysian Chines!!!
Imagine...married to one Muslim...they will pick him up...make him filthy rich...made a Datuk and then say...Obama is most welcome to his second home....Malaysia...carrying the balls of US govt.
Is not UMNO a real racialist party?
Why MCA and Gerakan so quiet? No balls to talk like monsterball ah?


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