Friday, November 14, 2008

Double Speak!!

(The Old Goat Is Here Again!)

(Disclaimer: The above picture has nothing to do with this post)

The Malaysian Insider reports:

[Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed today blamed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi for the corruption which he says is rife in Umno.

He said that cronyism and corruption became rife under Abdullah.

"This was so because even Abdullah was seen to abuse his position and power to help his son and son-in-law's businesses," he stated, referring to such companies as Scomi, in which his son Kamaluddin Abdullah is involved in and ECM Libra, which his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin is linked to.

"Everyone knows about the RM200 given to delegates to the Kubang Pasu division so that they did not vote me to be a delegate at the 2006 Umno General Assembly," Mahathir said.

"It is clear that corruption has become part of Umno culture at all levels. This will cause Umno to lose the confidence of the people.

He further stated that Abdullah had succeeded him in Oct 2003 and in five months, won big at the 11th General Elections with 90 per cent of MPs from the ruling coalition and took back Terengganu as well as nearly regaining Kelantan from Pas.

"This shows that the BN he inherited was very healthy," Mahathir concluded and added that the Permatang Pauh by-election was further proof as "members were afraid to wear the badge and shirts of Umno or BN."]

Blah blah blah blah blah black goat!!!

Sound extremely familiar!!!

Hey who's talking about whom????


monsterball said...

Leave it to his sickening art in twisting and turning...blaming everyone...except himself.
Majority Muslims hate him too.
He love playing race politics!
Syphilis causes men to behave weird.
Mahathir maybe a goody goody ...but ONE TRY...long long ago...may infected him with syphilis!!
If can he talk without feeling shame nor guilt at all??
That is not only dirty politics he is at his best..but he seems to be a feelings at all...programed to race if...he was the best PM.
Whenever a blog owner put out a post on it even pro Mahathir blogger.....85% hates him with comments....all along...yet he never learn.
He reads only his blog....with all his faithful few hundred die hard ....keep praising him.
But did you so much hits in other blogs?
No....yet it is blogs like name afew...that made voters open their to vote.
So UMNO and he opened few blogs.
What is the results?
Malaysians are dead set to change the government...more than ever.
UMNO knows that too.
So Najib...came out with RM 7 billion goodies....two oil reductions...more to come...make sure Malaysians are happy...things getting cheaper.
Ours is a blessed country....made what we are going corrupted hell drivers.
Hope Malaysians Chinese..wake up....and vote AGAINST BN ...and stop playing race politics with third force idea.
It is sinful!!!

Bow said...

Sly fox is plain "evil", so far no one in Malaysia can compete with him on wickedness ! He believe if not because of his premiership, Malaysians are still living on coconut trees, sigh!!!lampar

Justin Choo said...

This is his hobby and past-time activities. Without speaking out and be heard, he will not be living. Just like Dracula, he thrives on blood!

Anonymous said...

No point reading this old goat's articles. He is good in pushing his own faults to others. BTW, he is not a Mxxxu. He is an Ixxxxn.

Justin Choo said...


You can click from my "Blogroll" at the right sidebar of my blog. Look for "The Might Of The Pen" and click.

Bow said...

This old fox from U-no racist party can not live to see all Malaysians unite under PR, he knows that if all of us unite under Malaysian identity regardless of race and religion, it is the beginning of the end of racist coalition government. He is duty bound to use whatever means necessary to stop Malaysians from reversing the country back to the right track.


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