Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mr Bean Goes Shopping!!!

What about other antics like pinching the salesgirls??


monsterball said...

Pinching a lady backside..seems to be an accepted traditions in certain cultures and countries.
I certainly with not allow it for my wife. Asians in general ...detest this...although...very rarely..you get Asians females...do not mind at all. Those are exposed to too much Europeans cultures..even appearing topless...seems nothing wrong too.
Mr.Bean...sure knows how to shop whai he wants...and what he does not want...he get hat too.
Proffessor Akintson made millions as a comic..obviously copying Charlie Chaplin....but his scripts are mostly original. That's what made Mr. Bean great to watch...over and over again...yet we still keep laughing.
I collect all his videos...even the cartoons.

Justin Choo said...


The best experience is to ignorantly watch something which is supposed to be very well-known and famous. You don't really know what to expect and suddenly you are open to a hilarious set of two round eyes staring at you doing a Charlie Chaplain look alike!!

That was my first ignorant exposure to watching Mr Bean, not knowing anything about him. It was the swimming trunk changing act in front of the blind man. I will also remember that evening watching Mr Bean's antics. And especially so when I was at that time in Auckland NZ.

monsterball said...

Yes....ignorance and innocence are two ingredients to be so happy..and care free.
You should grab hold on .."Yes Minister"..British TV series..made 30 years ago. It's still the best British comedy .....up to today.
And if you like to get Proffesor Akinson's 'talking' TV serie..before "Mr Bean"..it is..."Black Adder"
And finally....the late 'Benny Hill' is hilarious...full of sexy tricky shots!!
Laughter is the best medicine to live longer.


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