Sunday, November 16, 2008

Can we see in reverse?

See if you can figure out what these
words have in common.








Take your time to think about it. Then if you still can't get it; look at the picture below and think again.

Still can't get the answer? Then scroll down to get the answer.

In all of the words listed, if you take the first letter, place it at the end of the word, and then spell the word backwards, it will be the same word.


monsterball said...

Your blog have become a word puzzle...treasure hunt...and guess what it here click there for answer blog!!
Such a good entertainer should get more visitors......but luck is against you.
Don't give up.

Justin Choo said...


It's ok; as I wrote before. Better than talking to myself.

Now please go pay "The Might Of The Pen" a visit.

monsterball said...

Seriously....I am in no mood to expand my visits to more blogs.
I already got Anwar..LKS...Rocky..kickedefella...Susan Loone......Mob...Naimah...Kerp...kata tak nak...BlackinKorea...and few you as my regulars.
All are nice to me. And I want to cut down politics bloggers...that's why I like your blog....mixtures of all.
But if...bodohland supports you...I will response.
I actually find Gracie blog...quite interesting...but avoided it.....too many.

Justin Choo said...


Ok but do me a favour, just go click The Might Of The Pen for once. They appreciated my visit and in fact my post "Black & White Poem" was from there with their permission.

In fact in my precious post, I did recommend this blog.

Just go and have a look for a few seconds. You won't regret. Remember to mention my name if you feel like commenting there.


monsterball said...

Justin...How to click in?
Get me the site...and don't tell me do this do that from google.

monsterball said...

I tell you should have a list of blogs you like...under.."My favourite blogs" those famous bloggers.
Them my list of favourite commentators..and you may have two names.......malu la....hahahahahaha

Justin Choo said...


"My favourite blogs" is the same as

"Blogroll" on the right side of the page. Look for it and click
"The Might Of The Pen"

monsterball said...

ok..I visited that blog..consisting of few writers combined together...right?
I glanced through and they are anti government ...right?
I think they are doing an excellent cater their style for young Malaysians.
You want me to peep it up...and then get so many to fcuk me up?

monsterball said...

No wonder my empat ekor never strike nowadays.
Last time....very often. Now..sia pun bo.


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