Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cheap and Good

Silly! How to choose two??

Choose all three!! Then no more problem.

And get double good, double cheap and double fast!!

Life is so simple!!

Have a nice day!


monsterball said...

I think Justin miss Gracie to come out with this post.
Raining season...cock-a doodle-do needs better service.
My back aches like hell...doing a big gardening job...to trim and plot an animal figure with my huge plant for two hours...using big grass cutter..under slight rain.
Now the plant looks like a cross between a camel and another...trying to hum one.
I have a combinations of spasm and flu.

Justin Choo said...


You should trim it in the shape of the Old Goat.

Just the same, take a good rest. If not better, consult THE Doctor!

monsterball said...

No thanks...THE Doctor is waiting for a chance to poke a huge needle...curing me slowly....and slap a huge bill.
The other side of THE Doctor..
"may I " gently say....can be a big surprise. I wonder does he play golf? So tall and strong...can be Malaysia's Tiger Wood...but then....Tiger was one year old...when THE Doctor realized his potentials....too late....so bang the piano......to hide frustrations........hahahahahaha
Just sleep it off...with a good body massage...by my soul maid...all OK now.

monsterball said...

One by one....I read in the Star papers...my friends gone...so many in just one year.
Previously..I attend wedding dinners.
Nowadays....more funerals to attend than anything else.

dr hsu said...

Oh, I played golf for about a year in 1992 to 1993, mainly in the Serendah Golf course.

Stop playig because the game is addictive, takes too long ( 18 holes takes 5 hours on walking), and too expensive...

Quit and never played a single game anymore.

Monster, soak yourself in a hot bath for 15 minutes, your muscles will relax and the ache will be less. Do some stretching exercises. No need for needles.

If still painful, take 2 panadols, 'gao thim".

Some doctors dont charge exorbitant prices.

I regard life as helping people and whatever i get is what others are willing to pay mefor the help i offered. My charges are the lowest in Pudu, and even then anyone unable to pay , i will allow them to take the medicine away from my clinic. My clinic are the most well renovated with comfortable ambience for patients, TV, air conditioning for waiting areas, but that is what I pay back to them . If you do ot actively seek money, money will ironically come to you, just as if a political party should not actively seek power but must channel itself to the well beings of the people. I believe in that.

Emoluments are what people pay you for the service you have done, for the help you have rendered. That is what I believe, not what you ask them to pay. And if you think like that, you will go the extra mile to help them.

Justin Choo said...

Dr Hsu,

I have to take a hot shower afterwards. Last night I had a splitting headache from the the flu I picked up from my daughter and granddaughter. Woke up this morning feeling miserable. That's why I didn't post any article last two days.

I gargle with warm salt water, and hope for the best. This I picked up from the email I received.

(I am sure you are very wellknown in the Pudu area.)

monsterball said...

Thanks Doc!
You remind me of Dr.P.S.Nathan at Bangsar Road...my very dear old bowling kaki.
He actually got inspired to bowl..watching me...which he totally forgot now...as he is a welknown man in the bowling business.
He has few very poor patients everyday..no charges.....but he hentam high bills to rich patients to balance things up....hahahahahahaha
Yes..I did soak myself on a hot bath...no panadols...mind over matters...goa tim.

monsterball said...

For a doctor...your kind hearted attitudes is the best....but how on earth...you can become a multi millionaire....if you give free medical services..beats me.
So is Dr. Nathan...so much free services.and filthy rich with few doctors assisting him.
I guess..words spread around..in Pudu..you are the best....and all those millionaire patients..do not mind to be over charged...to help you back...so much so...you are blessed with thousands of wealthy patients?
Doc...I do not envy you. I think you deserve a good and happy life..with good health..to the end.
But once you become a political party member and now active in that party....impossible for you to have a sincere natural life...mixing with crooks....unless...you are send by God..like Jesus...to clean up the mess.......hahahahahaha

monsterball said...

Went and bought a Bosh rechargable ..battery operated grass trimmer!!
Now can trim like a barber...smoking a cigar and show off to the neighbours......hahahahahahaha

dr hsu said...

monsterball, I used to see more than 100 patients from morning to night in the 80s in Pudu. All the kids are now adiults bringing their children to see me. My clinic slows down after I closed my night clinic but still enough to keep me busy whole morning. Some breathing space in the afternoon.

Justin, take panadols for your headache. As long as you dont take more than 8 a day or take long term,, it is safe, and would not harm your kidney.

If u are having flu, try some chicken soup. Campbell one is the best. Used to seel for a dollr plus and now has gone up to 3 dollars plus. Drink it hot and make yourself sweat a bit. You will feel better.

But if fever persists more than 2 or 3 days, then u have to consult a doctor to rule out more serious infections like dengue.

monsterball said...

Sex is best way to sweat and more than two days...you are dead!
But at our age...not easy to swat with sex....so gardening is best.
I never trust panadol...but notice Indonesian maids pop them up like sweets.But if Doc says...it is OK..then it is OK.
Doc knows best..but sometimes...a doctor may.. kill patient with wrong diagnosis.
My 8 months old baby girl was said to have a bad stomach ache..but the expressions I saw from her face...the pain was so extreme..so I rushed her to Asunta Hospital..she was immediately operated with intestines tied up like a knot! Surgeon said..half hour later..it may burst..and she would be dead.
Ofcourse..our famous Mahathir need not see patients. He did kill countless.

Justin Choo said...

Thanks Doc for the advice. The best is it's free, no charge from a doctor. First time in my life! Just knowing that already makes me better.

Last night had to go give a talk to USM Buddhist students, title "Health Vs Wealth" . More appropriate for doctors, lawyers and politicians to talk about!! Hahahaha!!!!

To night Romerz is kind enough to fetch me to DAP "victory dinner" !


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