Thursday, October 30, 2008

Money : The Dirtiest Piece Of Paper

Money is the dirtiest piece of paper on earth. It carries millions of germs; handled by all sorts of people you can think of; cheats, robbers, the diseased, murderers, rapists, holy people, infidels, and what have you.

Any holy cow considering a ban on handling such despicable piece of paper?

Maybe on another unrelated subject...YES!

Please go read for yourself HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE and many other places.

Or Go Fly A Kite!

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monsterball said...

Tell this to Mahathir......he will are stupid.

monsterball said...

"If you got the money....honey...I got the time"....the Universal sentence used by lovely sexy girls.
"Money is the root of all evils" said a Pastor.
"Money money money..must be a rich man's word" said ABBA.
But all those rich bastards in UMNO..are money...stolen from our rich country.....belonging to Malaysia and....indirectly...always stealing from us.
Not enough...they must dressed themselves with make us feel small and second class.

monsterball said...

They even give..."TUN" protect few crooks .
It seems...a Tun cannot go to jail?
So all UMNO Tuns..are Saints?
But law is smarter...they are putting some.. Royalties on trial..born naturally with titles...and keep one is above the law.
UMNO leaders had to agree..therefore...Tuns or LoonyToons...all go to jail day.

motherchell said...

Money is one commodity that Man especially the UMNOPutras can write a thesis on. Soon they will know that it is one produce that cannot be eaten.

cheers bro


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