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Psyllium Husk : Healthy Bowel

Plantago ovata (Desert Indianwheat, Blond Psyllium)
Isabgol (Plantago Ovata), Psyllium Husk!, Telephone Brand
Trifecta: Psyllium Husk(top left), Hemp Nuts, Hemp Protein

Healthy living involves consuming healthy foods, adequate exercise, and a relaxed mind. You don't need to spend a lot of money to exercise and to have a relaxed mind. But when it comes to health foods, they may cost a bomb. However some healthy foods are not expensive. One of them is psyllium seed husk.

I believe that healthy foods should possess 4 criteria:

1. Should not be too expensive and affordable.

2. Should be easily available.

3. Should be easy to prepare.

4. Should be palatable.

Psyllium husk passes the above test with flying colours!

Psyllium seed husk has been used in Indian Ayurvedic prescription for a very long time. It is only recently that it is better known to the western world.

Psyllium seed husk, also known as ispaghula or simply as psyllium, is the portion of the seeds of the plant Plantago or Plantago ovata, also known as Desert Indianwheat, native to India.

Why psyllium husk is effective for bowel problems?

The husk swells when it comes in contact with water. It can absorb anything that is 8-16 times its weight. Its bulky fiber quality makes it an effective laxative. Psyllium husk forms a gelatin-like mass in the colon, which keeps the bowel nice and soft. This mass also helps absorb toxins in the bowel.

Psyllium husk is indigestible in human beings and when dissolves in water, it expands and scrapes the walls of the intestine. It can be used as a bowel regulator, counteracting diarrhea, reducing constipation and promoting colon health.

As psyllium husk travels through the human digestive tract, it absorbs water, but is not digested. This results in stool that is bulkier, but softer, translating to fewer problems with passing stool.

It can be labelled as a neutral natural fiber, because it can be used for both constipation and diarrhea.

Psyllium husk also comes in capsule form, taken as a supplement. Or it can be converted into powder.

Guidelines when consuming psyllium husk.

1. Make sure you consume it with liquid. You can mix psyllium husk with practically any liquid: fruit/veggie juice, stew, soups, ice cream shakes, water, milk, etc.

2. Make sure you consume plenty of liquid. Psyllium husk can cause dehydration since it makes the moisture content of our bowels higher.

3. Psyllium husk is not recommended for those who are pregnant.

4. Consume psyllium husk in between meals, never immediately after or before one. It can dilute enzymes and therefore can interfer with digestion.

5. A typical dose is 1 - 3 teaspoons per glass of water. Stir thoroughly.

I take it with my freshly prepared fruit juice. I take 1 tablespoon, while my wife takes 2 tablespoons. Just use your discretion.

I personally found that my bowel movements have improved, if nothing else.

Here in Malaysia, you can buy husk which has been ground into coarse powdered form, from any Indian mini market or sundry store. It's usually cheaper than those sold in the pharmacies. I take the powdered form which is easier to mix and to drink. It certainly adds an extra "feel" with my fresh juice, just like having the crushed pulps of the fruits.

Try it, it's cheap and good!!


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Have A Nice Day!


monsterball said...

No wonder Dr.Shu does not visit your blog often.
How to get sick patients..when you keep teaching readers how to stay healthy..using God gifted herbs.
Disagreeing with his third force is bad enough.
Must you take away some of his business??
I am an agent provocateur.
You are an anti doctor agent!!

Gracie said...


Eh, isn't Psyllium Husk for slimming meh?

Can it make my waist returns to 24 inches and sexier than ever ar?


Gracie said...


You're near 70 ar? Gosh, my dad is 70 years old!


monsterball said...

Yes dear.
Did you read my advise to you on another site?

monsterball said...

Gracie..go to "Black helped White" site and read my comment.
It is not easy to focus and part good soulful; advises to a matured lady.
I did that..with loving kindness to you.

Anonymous said...

Psyllium husks is available in all pharmacy too!

Bow said...

Justin, you need to email your tip of staying healthy to your beloved Dr M., hopefully he can live a lot more years to promote and spread his "hatre" of other Malaysians further

Justin Choo said...

Hi Bow,

The Old Goat should concentrate on writing about Healthy Lifestyle especially as a Doctor himself and a living proof of his method of keeping healthy. This will at least benefit the people. But will he do anything for the benefit others???

By the way "Old Goat" can mean anyone.

Justin Choo said...

Thank you Anonymous,

"Anonymous said...

Psyllium husks is available in all pharmacy too!

November 20, 2008 5:12 AM"

I shall add the info in my post.

Bow said...

He is healthy alright! Justin, at that age , still have so much energy to bring destruction to his predecessor and the country racial harmony through his blog, he must have a secret recipe personally for " how to live long and continue spreading hate of minority".

monsterball said...

Are you tempting this old goat to tell you how I can smoke at least 10 cigars a all the junk food..drink 6 cups of coffee with sweeten milk... have nice sex life...and still stay so healthy...Justine??

dr hsu said...

Justin, good to post folk remedies in your blog. You are doing a great service.

I have never looked down upon herbal treatment and folk remedies, even though many doctors do. My reasoning is that any cats that can catch mice is a good cat, just like any treatment that can give cure or prevent illnesses is great treatment.

I do not worry about loss of business. AsI have mentioned during our 'debate' with KTK last month,I mentioned that as a doctor , i have always advised younger doctors that there is an irony in medicine: If you don not actively seek money, money will naturally come to you...

A doctor who becomes a doctor because he wants to be rich would be better off doing business course. A doctor should put patient's interest first before any monetary rewards... SO I pray that all people are safe and healthy.

dr hsu said...

The above comment was made in the context of a view that political party should not actively seek power but should instead channel itself to the aspirations of the people, and in return, power would naturally comes to the party. That is also my belief.

As For not visiting your blog --I did not even visit my own blog for many days while travelling.

dr hsu said...

The above comment was made in the context of a view that political party should not actively seek power but should instead channel itself to the aspirations of the people, and in return, power would naturally comes to the party. That is also my belief.

As For not visiting your blog --I did not even visit my own blog for many days while travelling.

Justin Choo said...

Dr Hsu,

Thanks for visiting this place.

It's always very refreshing and uplifting when you have "special" visitors.

I thought you are going to give more info and advice on this topic of psyllium.

CT Chow said...

If every Malaysian would to follow your secret recipe of having healthy bowel, then doctor here will have to close shop soon! which doctor want to read your blog?

Justin , for the old goat, it is better he is healthy not others, why should he waste time to write about healthy tips to prevent sickness among people, since he belongs to "doctor of death"? he does need some healthy brain recipe to correct his hate filled twisted mind.

monsterball said...

Dr.Shu....supports your health giving advises...using go doctors.
That's very noble of him...but I sincerely believe...everyone is born with the future....all planned.
The only logical reasons why so many millions die like files..are their futures...being out forced by evil forces....that the good forces cannot do much. This does not mean...the goods force fighting the evil Star Wars.
It is the condition of the country...that village...that vicinity...RIPENED...for the outcome of the results.
So my future is all written.
Be good hearted and let your heart be the guiding force to your brain for good or bad actions.
Be alert..serious and know every action has an equal reaction.
Living in a related clean and peaceful destiny ca only be judged.. by by own good or bad actions. friend...herbs do help one to be healthier.
Nevertheless...a health maniac may end up..having more diseases than one..totally poor...just eating simple food.
Simplicity is the magic word!!
Simple stomach last longer. Simple lifestyle....makes your brain pure ans easy.
But go to the become a idiot!!
Monks have shown how healthy they are. Yoga masters have to control the monkey have peace...happiness and harmony.
Human beings have invented make real doctors not so rich.........hahahahahahaha

monsterball said...

I wonder my message is put out by a wise brain or am I suffering from a disease..ready to go to mental hospital?.......hahahahahaha

monsterball said...

I just focus and write what my heart tells my brain..what to write.
My my heart.
That is why..I need to watch over it...not to be...greedy.."too naughty"..go out of control.
But I hate to be too careful or too life.
It's boring and no challenges in life.
But in seems the good me...MAYBE asked to.."LEAVE US" by blog owner.......booooboooowaaaawaaawaa{intenet crying!}

Anonymous said...

After attending your class, now I can magnetise people when I try to outshine my knowledge of dhamma to my peer friend. I can share and apply too, I am not shy of people who may say something negative, I could interact with them well. Some even email me awaiting for the next meet up to talk and share.

From Celine Ong

Anonymous said...

Whenever there is a friend that can chat, I always remind them to keep discipline on their 5 precepts, also as a gift (token) to them being socialise with them. I told them "discipline" when you obey it, it will serve you like something that money cannot buy. Likewise the 5 precepts, should you do not break it, it will serve you as your guarding angel whenever you are in the dark, it will lighten up your road and guide out of danger.

From Celine Ong

Justin Choo said...


Welcome on board! At long last you are. I suppose you are aware that I have another blog wholly on Buddhism @

This Thursday, I will give a talk to USM Dhamma students at Butterworth Buddhist Association at 7 pm. Title is Health Vs Wealth.

Mr Tan is accompanying me. Would you like to come along?

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,
I got thru your blog and really amazed with all the info you got. Btw, I would like to ask you where can I exactly get Psyllium Husk at Penang? How much would it cost? I thought of using it as slimming? Thanks alot in advance.


Justin Choo said...


Thanks for dropping by.

You can get it from the Indian sundry stores around Penang Street area. I got the latest from Mohamed Meera Sahib at 116 Penang Street. A packet of 500gm is RM11.

I am not sure whether you will get slim. But I suppose you will feel full in your stomach and thereby reduce your food intake.

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the information. I shall drop by at Penang Street.

Am not sure whether it helps for slimming or not, but just give it a try. Have gained 15kgs in a year time. :(

Haha...Thanks anyway for all the sharing.


Justin Choo said...


My dua sen comment:

To reduce weight is not by taking this or that. It is avoiding eating fatty and unhealthy foods. No food/snack in between your THREE meals. The quantity should be minimal, just not to feel hungry.

And plenty of exercise.


No charge!!

monsterball said...

My advise is Shirley do more pumping exercise with lover....sweat it out.
Hungry for love...not for food.
Sure to loose weight like hell.

pam819 said...

Thanks for taking the time to help, I really apprciate it.

Justin Choo said...


It's a pleasure.

Justin Choo

Roman said...

nice interesting and very helpful article, these advices may change some one life is a better way, Thanks

Alpesh Patel said...

I admire your valuable information. This post is written in a very good manner and it entails much useful information for me. Thanks for this blog.

Psyllium Husk Powder

Unknown said...

Hi , please tell me where can i buy psyllium husk . I wish to cleanse my intestine.
I also have an itch problem for many years and been taking anti hestimine pills , i guess have to cleanse my organs after more than 56 years.
Thank you

Fatt Nung Cheah said...

Hi , please tell me where can i buy psyllium husk . I wish to cleanse my intestine.
I also have an itch problem for many years and been taking anti hestimine pills , i guess have to cleanse my organs after more than 56 years.
Thank you

Justin Choo said...

You can get them from any Health store. If you are from Malaysia, Indian provision stores may have them.


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