Monday, October 13, 2008

Anwar, can we believe you?

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Malaysian Insider reports, "Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has given a new date by which he claims he would be able to take over the government".

This time he gave the magic figure of Dec 8 as before Hari Raya Haji .

Do you want to believe him this time?

Today (Monday Oct 13) as Parliament resumes, Anwar did not move the motion of no-confidence against the PM.

“For now, our focus is on the Budget,” he told reporters in a press conference
during a lunchtime break at Parliament.

Wow!! The Budget is more important than taking over the Government!!

Are we going to be suckers again, again, and again!!??

What do you make of YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the Honourable Member of Parliament?

I hope RPK has not been taken for a ride!!


anak said...

It wont just be RPK who has been taken for a ride but everyone else who have placed such high hopes on the "NEW DAWN" promised by Anwar.

yb4all said...


I'm losing faith. I had placed too much hope and its dying by the day...

It's back to square one for me.

Richard Loh said...

Everything in our political scenes are changing all the time.

This include people calling for press freedom where they want to include false reporting, racist remarks and incite racial tension to be part of the freedom.

Freedom Of The Press, the way rockybru sees it.

monsterball said...

When he keeps on giving dates on his takeover...that's the sign...he is asking for trouble...and that will be he same excuse...why again..he cannot succeed.
Yes..I think he is needling UMNO and ..but why is he fooling Malaysians....when vast majority is supporting him?
And if he is fooling Malaysians...DAP and PAS..will be stop him....especially DAP.
No...I don't think it is cry wolf.
It's real.

romerz said...

Dear yb4all,

Please read this posting I made in my blog.

Forget our human wants to see instant gratification. Instead, work on the small steps which will lead us there one day.

monsterball said...

0ne small step at a time..leading to hell again?
I prefer to take a big leap..which means...still...for or against.
No matter what...I am for change of government.

Justin Choo said...

I am also for a change of Government NOW. And if the new power is sincere, then call for a new GE to seek new mandate after taking over.

We cannot wait another 4 loooong years. As they said 1 week in politics is very long. Think about 4 YEARS. All hell will let loose!

Dalbinder Singh Gill said...


Please post this in your blog. Thank You.

Dear friends,

To those who have received orders to appear in court for not paying up their MPPP summonses are welcomed to a press conference with YB Rayer of Seri Delima outside the High Court beside Dewan Sri Pinang on the 16th of October 2008 at 8.30a.m. This is to help all of us thus more information on it would not be revealed over the internet. Thank You. For more information, contact 019-4806462 (Dalbinder Singh Gill).

A true Malaysian said...

Whether we can believe Anwar, to me, is a non-question.

Just ask ourselves, will it be better to believe in Najib rather than Anwar? My answer is I rather believe in Anwar.

Never mind whether Anwar has the number to change Federal Government, so long as PR will be one in the near future.

Of course, many are impatient to wait for the day as if Najib take over PM in the next 5 months, Malaysia will be even worse then now. I am sure Anwar is aware about this.

But one thing for sure, it is very difficult to convince BN MPs to cross over as their livelihoods are at stake if they do that. Anwar needs to take care of this 'livelihood' of those crossing over. The question is, does Anwar or PR has the means to do that?

Anyway, Altantuya and RPK case will have much impact to Najib, and for that matter, Malaysia as a whole.

While I do not put my hope on BN MPs to cross over, I do place my hope on BN grassroots members to cross over in exodus to PR, let those parties have top leaders without members. Only then, these MPs will cross over.

monsterball said...

USA cannot survive...if the world is at peace.
Why should Anwar force himself into taking over the government...when the country is in such a bad shape?
So....his changing of dates to take over....are actually hints to give up willingly and work with bring economy up...back to normal. Without UMNO'S co-operation..things may get we all know...UMNO will do get back into power.
Since Dollah refused to see him...or declare an emergency parliament meeting...he wants Malaysians to believe...all are Anwar...took the opportunity to speak on the budget...for 4 hours.
What happen??
All ran away....leaving 4 UMNO guys to listen to him.
And Dollah twisted saying Anwar talk nonsense on the takeover....nothing about the budget!!
Have you ever seen...a government ...all ran away...when questioned about the Budget speech in any country?
Get it clear...why should Anwar not take over..when UMNO is in a mess...and country is a mess.
So he sits back...and hint.for UMNO to co-operate...or else...he is willing to wait till 8th DEC.
What comes after 8th Malaysians will wait and see.
Again..I repeat..DAP is not going to let Anwar make them a fool...since they are now controlling Penang.
And LKS/Karpal keeping quiet.....means they are supporting Anwar.....100%.

Justin Choo said...

A True Malaysian,

The question here is not about guessing whether Anwar has the numbers, but why is he not being truthful. By saying something that is not true, it is plain lying. Doesn't Anwar care about the feelings of his supporters?

monsterball said...

Justin...on surface value....most Malaysians will think like you....thinking Anwar is not truthful.
Kindly note...I am using my god gifted commonsense....and not a keDAILan member..or any political party member.
OK...lets take 16th Sept....what happen? Did you knot notice...all went to Taiwan??
Then the last date.what happened?
He requested meeting with Dollah...about take over and will show the list to him....why Dollah dare not meet him...and call him bluff?
Then..he requested for Emergency Parliament to show the list to all law makers...why Dollah dare not do that to call him bluff?
So Dollah said...Anwar can show the list on opening day of parliament.
Why must he do that?..when UMNO treat it as usual business he speaks on the budget!!
I tell you...Anwar is as smart as Mahathir..but far far apart in personalities and dignity.

monsterball said...

Hope "true malaysian" can convince cross over by said at Doc's blog.
I bet you...that man is a die hard Gerakan member...and one nice day...lets talk about the think.

Bow said...

Right! RPK was taken for a ride, he was ISA by he is responsible for RPK release now,come on, you know better than that...

Bow said...

Why USA can not survive if the world is at peace? why blame Malaysians suffering on USA when it is BN governing Malaysia, stop blaming every failure in Malaysia on USA instead of changing a corrupt regime.

monsterball said...

Bow...Everyone knows why RPK went to jail...for ISA...except you.
As you re not aware of home is difficult to explain to you ...why USA cannot survive ...during peace time.
Again....that is common knowledge too.
Bow...please read...and don't learn through short cut asking questions.
Yes...I encourage young ask questions....and I will be more than willing to answer them.
But your questions and doubts and the way you conclude things...shows you need to help yourself with general knowledge and true your own researches and by reading..newspapers/ newsweek...economist...Times..anyone you can grab.
I am saying if you see your Dad have them. They are not cheap to buy..each month.
Please don't learn to be spoon fed. Get knowledge...and your questions..will be more intelligent for one to response.
But keep writing!
Keep putting out your messages...and lets see.can you time goers your own researches and reading abilities.
Good luck to your future.

monsterball said...

Lets go back to he a bluff.
1 He announced 16th take over.
What happened? ..remember Taiwan trip?
2.He requested meeting with show him the list of cross PM of Malaysia.
What happen? He refused...when he should use that opportnulty to accept and expose Anwar ...a liar..correct??
3. Anwar requested call for Parliament emergency that he ca reveal the list...infront al all law makers.
What happen? Why can't Dollah accept and again have a golden chance to prove Anwar is a liar??
4. Even his own UMNO ministers have enough of Dollah's nonsense.
5. Why shoud Anwar talk of cross over on the first day of Parliament...wherte UMNO treat everything normal? So he spoke normally...and questioned the Budget matters..which have plenty for Dollah and others to answer too.
And Anwar knows Malaysians want o know their present economical situations...more than the take over two times....Dollah dare not meet him...face to expose Anwar.
If you agree with me...Dollah is trying hard to last .till March. comes 8th Dec.
What is it?...I don't know....but I will read and find out from experts.
Is that UMNO general election Day??
hahahahahahahaha..Now..I know..maybe he wants Dollah to be PM....during the take over..and again make sure... Najib will never be PM??

Bow said...

So monsterball; what is reported in the utusan melayu and new strait times about him trying to destroy Islam is not true? Malaysia is on her way to become an islamic state?

Bow said...

Pin whatever problem you have on USA can only work on certain people with specific race and religion, not all Malaysians are blind and uneducated.

Justin Choo said...


How do you know that "bow" is a young person?

monsterball said...

He sounds young.
He acts young with his 'innocence".
Maybe he is not young at all!!
His latest question to showing he is a pro UMNO??

monsterball said...

Bow....I am not going to give my opinion on what you wish to say or conclude.
Malaysia is an Islamic country.....but Constitutions give other be free and easy.
Please don't bring out this useless subject.I is Malaysians are concern of their present state of life...more than anything else.
Malaysians are focussed to change the government.
You seem to have a touch of being a racialist...and I hate racialist.

Bow said...

Justin: if you understand the meaning of his screen name, then it is not hard for you to figure out HOW!hehehe...

monsterball said...

We have a blog teaser.
And we have .. a riddler
Obviously ...there is a joker
Then we also..have two face
Where the Batman?

A true Malaysian said...


My point is that, even if Anwar tell lies and take RPK for a ride, do we have better choice than Anwar?

My answer to this is we have no other choice, but Anwar, even if he tell lies. We cannot hope on Najib if proven that Anwar in fact, tell lies.

On the other hand, RPK will pounce on Anwar if he is taken for a ride. So, I tend to believe Anwar did not lie, it is all part of his games.

Just put it simply, we have no other better alternative.

cilyhot said...

Justin,"May I' give my opinion?We must understand how DSAI came up with the date 916?He used this date to entice the Sabah and Sarawak MPs over to Pakatan...but he failed to several reasons.1)the bidding is HIGHER on remaining as BN Mps.No risk and much more income.This was suggested by the granny old goat in his blog!! 2)Dap feel this is contrary to their principles.3)To do that according to our law,you need to have a motion of no confidence to the PM in the sitting of Parliament on that date.4)I really believed some MPS change their minds about jumping over.So ,you ASKED:Why did he set the date??This is a STRATEGY to disturb the other side.THE CHINESE PROVERB:To throw the stone ask the road.|(Direct translation)(If you know better translation ,please do it for the benefit of those who do not know chinese!!)Atcually it is a good strategy as you see the reactions of the EVIL side!!But as they say:We plan but God decides.Something went wrong along the plan!!

monsterball said...

True are smart enough not to believe Anwar took anybody for a ride..especially RPK.
Even tough support him as PM of the future..but by repeating lies is an art UMNO is good at...and many will be so....if said few more times.
Please don't fall into this trap.

Justin Choo said...

Hi everyone,

We have no other choice at the present moment. It is the lesser of the two evils.

Bow said...

Justin, you are a wise man!

monsterball said...

Justin....'MAY I" excused?
Good night!

Anonymous said...

You seem to have a lot of "hate" and like to blame USA for whatever your pathetic islamic country has.

monsterball said...

Who is this..'anonymous' talking to?
No name..and cannot talk straight to that person...sounds silly to response to HER???
Anyway..I do hate US government....not the people at large.
In fact...almost all countries hate US govt...except Britain and Australia.
Some play politics for financial help...not really like USA all.
Hope...'anonymous' learn some talk straight to 'that person'
Sounds like one who works for a US company.


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