Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Abdullah Badawi is right this time?

Bernama reports: "Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today described the Opposition's new deadline to form the federal government by early December as "nonsense" and "a waste of time"."

From developments thus far Anwar's words are becoming mere boastful rhetorics. Can we believe Anwar anymore?

We now have so many dates that if you go buy 4-digit games, you most probably would strike gold!!

"It's all nonsense but he keeps doing it because that's the only way to create an interest. I think you are wasting your time," said Abdullah.

What do you think?


monsterball said...

I think he is a natural born liar...coward and a hypocrite.

monsterball said...

He had all two chances to prove Anwar is a liar .
If he sincerely thinks of Malaysians...he should have accepted Anwar's requests...and all tensions solved.
This means..Anwar is spot on.. right.
He is the first UMNO PM .forced to resign...yet he feel no shame....keeping acting and playing low class politics.

monsterball said...

Truths revealed!!
Look at the Parliament...all UMNO ministers ran away...empty!!!...when talking about the budget.
Go listen to LKS and Anwar's videos.
I have never seen a government..all absent in parliament....when talking about budget.
What type of government we have now?

Anonymous said...

Right or wrong make no different to our present pathetic situation, Justin. Election is over, he is soon just another history in Malaysia.

Bow said...

Since when the inventor of a new religion is right? Justin. Umno warlord is plain useless in governing any country except stealing.

Justin Choo said...

If Anwar cannot deliver this time; the next best alternative is to "hope" MCA and Gerakan leave BN; and that would be asking for the moon plus the sun, and all the stars in heaven!!!


monsterball said...

Justin..Any smart man who is at the Anwar is now...must be very careful..not to make one false move.
Ordinary straight forward thinking...Malaysians....may not understand..UMNO is killing himself...right now.
Inflations...very difficult living conditions...still there.
So why must Anwar..take over sick country ..caused by UMNO?
Crude oil..from US75 shot up to US 102..UMNO raised oil price by 78 sen to the public.
Now crude is back at US75 per barrel..UMNO gave 30 sen.
Where is the balance 48 sen?
You see...UMNO needs Petronas to make huge huge profits....take them out...for few more billions enrich party..personal and friends...and have huge reserve play briberies and next election.
They have no other this way. prepare to be squeezed .high and dry UMNO.
Every plate of rice you eat...everyone is paying 'service charges' to UMNO......hahahahahahaha

Bow said...

Let's say he is right, what benefit it brings to the ordinary Malaysians? Most of us are still struggling to make end meet daily in the country, his statement has no effect on the economy, our freedom, our rights and many issues facing the country and the people,his policy is as "stink" as his predecessor Dr.M

Bow said...

Both parties are going to stick with u-no-putra for a long time to support racist master to sell our rights for minister posts, don't count on them leaving.

Surprised all these attacks on that Invest Penang dude from Gerakan worms had stopped, see how brave these worms are when attacking a non Malay Malaysian.


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