Sunday, September 21, 2008


(Picture from Wikipedia)

Last night, took my 3-year old granddaughter to a birthday party of a 4-year old. To make the evening more lifely, there was a clown "in attendance". He was quite good in his profession. It is better than just inviting a magician. This clown was "3-in-one"! He was a clown, a balloon twister creating all sorts of shapes and animals, and a magician! Everyone enjoyed the evening, especially all the children. He was true to his trade.

Abby(Left) & her cousin Serena(My grand daughter)

(Grandfather background!!)

The Real Clown.

Let's see what is technically a clown. This is from the Wikipedia:

"Clowns are comic performers, stereotypically characterized by their grotesque appearance: colored wigs, stylistic makeup, outlandish costumes, unusually large footwear, etc., who entertain spectators by acting in a ridiculous fashion. Types of their acts vary greatly."

So those are real clowns earning a living through their jovial profession. Making people laugh without offending or hurting others is really a very happy profession.

Enough of the real clowns. However, quite often we come across those who wish to imitate real professional clowns. And this is no laughing matter. But never mind, better come to more serious stuff.

What is more serious than matters of national interest. National interest is the domain of serious and dedicated politicians. In Malaysia Bolehland, we also have such outstanding politicians:


monsterball said...

Those clowns in UMNO are low class unprofessionals buggers....not really clowns...but real thick skinned idiots..trying to act..not elected by voters.
Throughout the centuries...clowns have kept alive the vital traditions of comedy....providing laughter for a wide and varied audience...that included both children and adults.
There are clowns on stage..circus ring...jester to the King and people...mime clowning...stand up clowns..just to name a few.
In modern days..USA produces most famous clowns from the few Legendary circus....managed by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus..welknown...throughout the world.
"HOBO" ..the clown is most famous. have Charlie Chaplin...Jerry Lewis...Bob Hope.....and many more...that copied them.
To conclude...clowns are most noble humans.
The moment they go on stage...they focus to make you laugh and be entertained..hiding their own private pains and sorrows.
Are these not the most generous and noble human beings on Earth?

cilyhot said...

What a great laugh!!!Even the grandpa goat was not spared!!!Now he even taught najis mongolia about economics.I thought he was trained as a doctor!!I don't think najis will heed his advice for the obvious reasons.Uncle kit,take heed.Give advice that you atcually do not want him to do!!!He will not listen ,then that will suit you if he take the opposite action!!!Its worth a bet!!!!

monsterball said...

Seriously speaking...can an agent so me?.........hahahahahahaha
May I have your permission to write something...out of the post....Justin?
Well even if you say..
"YOU MAY NOT!!!!"..soooooo loudly...who cares. All you can do it is moderate or ban me...then I have another 101 more blogs to visit.
Becareful...don't simply ban a commentator...that lift up your blog...making it.. a live wire!!
You already got few...scarecrows....making you work overtime.
Good or bad...youR blog is ALIVE!!!
Are you going to blame me too?????
What a life!!!

Justin Choo said...


Do you think the doctor will be reading your postings in this obscure blog??

monsterball said...

There are thousands of doctors.
Some cure...some kill...but cannot be proven killers.
That's why certain doctors are arrogant....although see a mild mannered person. You can see he loves YES MAN...real sign of a dictator...and one carry his balls like nobody can do so well. He loves it!!
Then those who are basically Chinese educated doctors...playing to be a racialist...denying fool MALAYSIANS.
That see so many at Gerakan and MCA....have tons of doctors as members.
Engineers...architects...lawyers...shunt these two parties.
So..which doctor...."MAY I ASK YOU"..will be interested to read your blog?
If one does...than you are getting famous.
If none..then you better talk to Gracie more. She really careS for you.
So pray hard!!

monsterball said...

If you want your blog to be must answer your visitors!!
Then...pick and chose which one you want to say......"May I request you to.. LEAVE US!!"
Remember "leave us"....must be in capital letters!
That will make you a nice owner...with class....for all to see. are not popular....don't offend anyone......but you must response more often. idiots talking to himself.

monsterball said...

Mark my word....if you continue to put out such will soon be have smart attract the visitors.....hahahahahaha
One year later....apply..."May I...".

cilyhot said...

Monsterball,please be understanding.Justin had a partime job looking after his grandchild.Not like you,who can put in a comment at 3 in the morning!!!!If I am not wrong,Justin will be the same person whether his blog is crowded or not.His understanding on BUDDHISM make me humbled and strive to become a better human.

cilyhot said...

Justin,tonight the dpm confirm that THE RM will NOT be pegged.Old grandpa goat??Apa cara lagi???Uncle KIt...............your moves!!

monsterball said...

cilyhot....I have much much more responsibilitues than Justin...and I make time to visit his blog.and few others... and write something.
I make time to light candles for one in jail.
I make feed few lost 10 dogs.
I make time for my children and hobbies.
And I must make time for my company!!
You see..I control TIME.....not let time control me.

Justin Choo said...

Cilyhot and monsterball,

Taking care of grand daughter is full time. It's not how much work and/or responsibilities involved, but the right frame of mind to tend to these chores and responsibilities.

Monsterball is lucky. He has well-behaved children. He is free from having to worry about his children creating problems for him.

Taking care of my grand daughter is not that difficult. It is the recurring thought that is sapping the old man. Doing it is easy; thinking about it is difficult!! It's the frame of mind that makes a person sad.

cilyhot said...

Justin and monsterball,millions of thanks for advising me.I appreciate it.Just now checked on Dow Jones,it will be an extended monster rollercoster ride this week!!!I hope not because if this persist,,,,,,,,najis will have to use c4 to crack his head!!!!!!!!!

kesha said...

Clowns have many things in their bag of tricks. Some do slapstick, pie throwing, falling down stumbling, physical humor. Some do pantomime; they don't speak, they act out their skit or story, instead. Some use magic or juggling.A Clown is an artist or performer who pretends to be a fool or foolish and acts out or acts up, in order to amuse his audience.




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