Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Thinker

This was done by Steve Hanks who is one of the top ten artists in U.S.

This picture is specially dedicated to my blogger friend, Romerz.

If you want to know why, take a look at his blog HERE.


romerz said...

Thanks Justin.

I chose that image for my blog not because I claim to be a philosopher but I think a lot about everything and I still don't know the answers.

Justin Choo said...


If you use you brain to think, you will not find many answers!!

monsterball said...

hahahahaha...Justin is funny!
I think...he is trying so hard to get stop thinking ...and spend time...assisting him.. in active Buddhism voluntary work. One thinks..and get no where.
The other don't think..and got somewhere.
Monsterball?...ah...he thinks and thinks and thinks...until he reached the road of no return. Some is a nutty position.......hahahahahahaha
But in is for or hear?
16th September....12 days and counting.
Come what may....I will not think too much...but if the situations suits my liking.....I like to return to Permatang Pauh..stay at Summit Hotel..and recollect history in the making...LIVE thinking...too much. Too straineous and taxing.
Then I cross over to two of you for coffee/cakes[romerz treat]...then capot home. That's what I am thinking to do.......hahahahahaha.

monsterball said...

Use your heart Romerz!

monsterball said...

Seriously are a real smart man.
But if you try to do things by thinking....with no considerations for become a very selfish one track minded thinker.
Everything you want to automatically programed to benefit you...not others.
You have a kind heart..use it to the fullest!!
First step to learn...thinking from your heart is to change your entire selfish attitudes...scold ..yourself..once you detect selfishness...make your mind to wait for the heart to tell it..what to think.
Yes...know your own weaknesses...feel for others and that may take you few years.....before you can start...thinking from the heart automatically.
Just look at smart...thinking from the proven....what a hypocrite and bloody fool he is.
keep trying to foll Malaysians. He has reached an aged....gone case...cannot change.
Do you want to be like him?
But your wealth can be a hindrance for a change from you have surely......many friends wanting you to stay that way.
Nice compliments given to you by friends...are sometimes...not true friends.
I hope you don't conclude I am trying to be a busybody....or love minding other people's business.
Far far away from the my age.

monsterball said...

If romerz keep quiet..I must stop advising the future.
He maybe offended.

romerz said...

No lah monsterball.

Not so easily offended after meeting you and knowing your character and intentions - good.

For the moment, I'll stick to what I do best which is think of other possibilities and play the devil's advocate and try to put it into words on my blog.


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