Friday, September 26, 2008

Self-Heating Instant Lunch Box From Japan

Just received this through email:

Japan is world wide known for many of its amazing and wonderful creations; from kimono to transformers to the kinkiest sex toy.
Since the invention of instant noodle back in the year 1958, instant products have taken the world by storm and while everyone is following the footstep of Japan mass producing instant noodle, instant kuey tiao, instant porridge…etc
Japan has already taken a few steps forward by creating this brilliant invention YEARS ago - the self-heating Bento (lunch box).

I tell you, this is such an amazing invention!!!!!! A work of ART!!!
I have always wondered how lunch box heat up by itself, without the use of gas, water, fire or anything, which is why it's called the self heating lunch box, duh~!
I once read that bento like this can trigger an exothermic reaction upon pulling a cord that can produce temperatures up to 98?C to heat up the food inside. But never have I seen one at work!Now I am going to use this Katsu Curry Bento to show you how to cook your lunch without a kitchen or any utility.
It costs like RM15 in convenient store (so I heard) but we bought it from the vending machine from the hotel so it was 900 yen (which is around RM30 or USD 9).
A vending machine. Vending Machine!! I bought my bento from a VENDING MACHINE!!!!!!!I miss Japan . :
Back to the bento.
First, open the box.

Take out the cold harden rice.

Place rice back into the box.

Place the layer of plastic back on top of the rice.

And the cold katsu curry packet over it.

Cover your bento box.

Pull the cord.

Leave it somewhere for it to cook.Warning: it might get pretty hot and steamy so make sure it's somewhere safe and secluded, aka kitchen.But in this case there isn't a kitchen so we put it in the toilet.

It takes 8 minutes to cook and you will know it's done once the cord is fully reared in (you know, like those talking toys, you pull the cord and it will rear back in. 'Hi, I'm Woody the Cowboy.').Once done, take it out with care (it will be hot). Remove the hot packet on top and stir the rice.

Then open the red packet and pour out the ingredient.

And woila! Your very own hot sizzling Katsu Curry in 8 minutes!!

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monsterball said...

Japan Embassy should pay you something for promoting their products.
I this is idea was invented many years ago.
But great for you to show it again.


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