Friday, September 12, 2008

Look East : "Version 1.02" Destination Taiwan !!

The Grand Old Man launched the Look East Policy many years ago when he was the Taiko of Malaysia. Buy British last. Although dubbed Look East, he was actually proceeding one way only to Japan.

Now our present government has suddenly realized this mistake. The Grand Old Man was just being biased bending towards Nipponland. With the fantastic success of China, especially after the recent 2008 Beijing Olympics where China emerged the undisputed Champion, the world is again looking East, this time China. Being always proactive and looking ahead 20 years towards 2028 when Malaysia will become the superpower in "political acrobatic artistry," the present Government has embarked on "Look East : Version 1.02" !!

"Look East : Version 1.02" is not learning about industrialization but agriculture. You see, industrialization is now literally a "dirty" word. It pollutes the world, and wastes a lot of limited resources such as oil and metals. In the final analysis, industrialization will kill all humans with pollution and climate change.
Being brilliant politicians, the Government without further delay, sent a group of about 50 MPs of very high IQ (Insufficient Quality?/Important Quantity?) to do research in agricultural technology in Taiwan. As it was of an urgent decision, and since they could not go anywhere East, they had to settle on Taiwan. It was said that Taiwan was quite near so it was more convenient. China was too far away! Now I know where China is located, far away from Taiwan.

Well, never mind. Taiwan is famous for its indigenous people living in the mountains of Alisan. They are now the foremost experts in harnessing the latest technology in mountain agriculture. It is said that they incorporate Alisan music, dance and songs into their techniques and the crops dance and grow like hell!! Since Malaysia is obssessed with anything indigenous and since the name of the mountain has the word "Ali" in it, the choice is obvious.

Now, the opposition politicians are also into this band wagon. It was reported in the Star that "PKR, following close on the heels of the Barisan Nasional backbenchers, will send four of its leaders to Taiwan today ­– “to see how agricultural progress can be made.” Hope they can locate Mount Alisan fast.

It is now known globally that Malaysia has started its ambitious "Look East : Version 1.02" . Bloomgerg Tv this morning also reported on it. Even New York Times talked about it!

Malaysia Boleh: "Look East : Version 1.02" Destination Taiwan, the land of the Alisan fair maidens!!!
May the fair maidens of Mount Alisan save this Bolehland!!


monsterball said...

First a beautiful prostitute take the lift and go to serve one.
Then you have as bunch of them....all beautiful..singing for those sitting at he pick and choose for next night.
This type of agriculture study...who does not want to go?
I saw one or two ladies.
I wonder how are they being served?
Talking politics...your style....needs a good brain.
Don't be disappointed...if not many come visiting you.
Your brainwaves are excellent.
Now..go tell what I said about Dr. him.
I want to answer him here..not at his blog.
He gave me reply....I don't accept his explanations..but he is entitled to his own conclusions.
He is the blog all owners.
Freedom of foot!!
Choose monsterball to be the entertain ...YES!!
But when things go wrong....blame it on monsterball.
Are you crystal clear??

cilyhot said...

Justin,I have no mood to discuss Taiwan.Please talk of B Mertajam.Sin Chew Reporter got arrested and that mad man whose grandfather came from India got scot free.My heart sank for her.Justice should prevail.MALAYSIANS please wake UP!!!

Justin Choo said...


The whole nation is very angry. We are just small voices. Let's hope the Pakatan politicians will come to our rescue. Let us also hope that MCA and Gerakan, and others will make their stand loud and clear.

So now, just hang on and keep our cool.

A true Malaysian said...

Go read yourself is there any truth in this news. If true, Malaysia is a very scary place for us. Anything can happen. The link is here,


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