Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Real Thinker

I was first introduced to "The Thinker" pose some 20 over years ago, when I attended a motivation talk. The speaker struck a pose similar to The Thinker and said, "Don't just sit and think, act on your dreams!" That stuck on my head eversince, but being a mediocre person, I did not achieve my dreams and stuck in the Thinker pose eversince!!

So who is the real Thinker?

This is from Wikipedia:

"The Thinker (French: Le Penseur) is a bronze and marble sculpture by Auguste Rodin held in the Musée Rodin in Paris. It depicts a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle. It is often used to represent philosophy."

The history goes like this:

"Originally named The Poet, the piece was part of a commission by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris to create a monumental portal to act as the door of the museum. Rodin based his theme on The Divine Comedy of Dante and entitled the portal The Gates of Hell. Each of the statues in the piece represented one of the main characters in the epic poem. The Thinker was originally meant to depict Dante in front of the Gates of Hell, pondering his great poem. (In the final sculpture, a miniature of the statue sits atop the gates, pondering the hellish fate of those beneath him.) The sculpture is nude, as Rodin wanted a heroic figure in the tradition of Michelangelo, to represent intellect as well as poetry."

You can read the rest in Wikipedia HERE.

Over twenty casts of the sculpture are in museums around the world. Some of these copies are enlarged versions of the original work, and some are sculptures of different scales.

The Thinker in front of Philosophy Hall at Columbia University

The Thinker in the rear of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

The Thinker in front of the Kyoto National Museum

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monsterball said...

IBM objectives to succeed is employing...thinkers...thus the 'Think Tank" slogan.
And today...IBM is still the biggest computer company...because they never simply employ call thinkers that are not thinking benefits for the company..but very smart to think for themselves.
So their interviewers have to one wrong employee may cost then lost of time and money....much much more than one can imagine.
But in is just the need to think. Just be faithful and make sure all vote for UMNO...most important.
That's why we see low class corrupted teacher....most famous of Mat bin Mat..made a Tan important to UMNO. He has an to bullshit and bring in votes.
Then taxi headmen....all dress up with suit and tie...wearing expensive Italian shoes...chauffeurs driving Merz/BMW
....all with titles.
The dress up is the acting.
That's why our country a heading to the rocks.
Fortunately...UMNO and BN are in their sailing boat...going that way...not our good ship... Malaysia.


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