Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yin-Yang Syndrome


Taijitu, the traditional symbol representing the forces of yin (dark) and yang (light).

The universal principle of Yin-yang is very succinctly elucidated in Wikipedia:
"In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (simplified Chinese: 阴阳; traditional Chinese: 陰陽; pinyin: yīnyáng) are generalized descriptions of the antitheses or mutual correlations in human perceptions of phenomena in the natural world, combining to create a unity of opposites in the theory of the Taiji."


The Buddha expounded the doctrine of "The Eight Worldly Vicissitudes Of Life".

According to the Buddha, we will experience these vicissitudes throughout our lives, no matter what our intentions or actions are:

Gain and loss
Praise and blame
Pleasure and pain
Fame and obscurity

The harmony of the opposites is the stabilizing force of the universe. Day and night, cold and heat, formation and destruction, birth and death!

The harmony of the opposites is the equilibrium of our existence where we can discern the right from the wrong, the good from the evil; in the journey of life to make us wiser if we can overcome greed, hatred and delusion.

In this Bolehland Malaysia we have our version of "Yin-Yang Flip-Flop Double-Talk Gobbledegook".

This version is the elixir to cure desparado politicians on a tail-spin! All they need to do to prolong their tail-spin is to chant the gibberish nonsense. I won't waste time repeating their circus acts. You can read them everywhere in any medium.

Now presenting the "Mother" of all time "Yin-yang Top-spinning" Malaysia Boleh:


(Picture from The Star)

Abdullah:"This is Anwar’s mirage, he sees something but it is nothing, there is nothing there, it is only a dream."

Anwar:"This is not empty talk ... but we have chosen to be patient and use the conciliatory way."

May all insane become sane; and may all sane stay sane!!


dr hsu said...

All these are illusions in life. Nothing is permanent, except perhaps our karma.

Justin Choo said...

Li Li,

You are urgently wanted at USJ Forum:

cilyhot said...

DrHsu,when will the bad karmas of BN,especially AmNO be effected??

monsterball said...

Even the devil can quote Scriptures.
Karma is infact...our character..our way of life.
Ying and layman's term.....means having a balanced life.
One may be so well educated...may not understand karma or ying and yang...more than a simple minded poor man.
Simple to understand. Once too well educated...future is assured...can afford every good things in life...and arrogance takes over.
Mahathir is a classic example.
Worst still...being a doctor...who cures all.thinking how smart and great he is!
That is the classic example...of a devil...that can quote Scriptures.
And we do have few in blogsphere....thinking how smart they are..with a twisted mind....all because...successes have taken over the real human being.

monsterball said...

Justin....kickdefella is arrested!
He won't take my advise.
I told him...don't use National flag to fool around.
Whatever it is..he is my dear friend...and I can pray...he is well and good.
Got to go!

cilyhot said...

Monsterball,Karma is.....Ten years ago one old goat frame his deputy and sent him into jail because this once time godson do not listen to him anymore!!.............ten years after,,,,today,,,,,,,,,this now older granny goat declare that he had to immigrate to Zimbabwe IF his former deputy become the PM !!!!!He had to cabut,,,,,,,,like people say,,,even got no shoes also must take the slippers to go!!!!!!This is karma!!!!

Li Li said...

Wah Justin,

How you know I read yr blog every day ? ha, ha, ha...

Yes boss, I will check usj forum & see what is urgent !

Just for some sharing, I am not in a good mood for these few weeks. I am following up with a pregnant young lady, 23 yrs old and her baby has a birth defect - gastroschisis. She is 6 months pregnant and have another 3 more months to go.

You know me very well that I am not in favour of abortion. What do Buddhism feel about abortion - termination of pregnancy when there is a serious birth defect on the baby ?

At this moment, heartbeat of the baby is very strong. Other than the small intestine is developing outside of the baby stomach, there is nothing else wrong with the baby.

I know there could be a doctor in house here and I hope to get a better view on this issue.

Thanks guys.

Li Li

monsterball said...

Muslims like to say.."will of God"
Christians also same clearly written on the 21st Palsm.
Buddhist and Hindus...based on ..every an equal reaction"
So we can somewhat say...these two are more scientific people.
Karma is the result of good or bad ..thoughts and deeds.
Like I said...even the devil can quote Scriptures.
I have been called an agent provocateur....SBs...and few more.
If those were accumulated karmas will ripen one day...and prove them to be a terrible dying life.
So far so good..I am healthy...happy and well.
But wait a is the biggest devil....Mahathir....and millions that are evil hearted in the world.
So where is the logic of karmas?
The only logical these people's previous lives ..they were helping others...and be used at this present life...and present life bad karmas will be the seen....once all good karmas are used up.
Signs are seen..when a so cal...very good man...may suddenly suffer for no reasons.
Justin....I blog to teach...expose and have fun.
Yes....I like top make the blog lively.
I was praised...saluted...but watch out..don't ever go against the blog owner.
Blog owners treating those faceless and nameless commentators as 916 gold are NUTS!!
The real ulterior to see many commentators visit their blogs...not important on quality. Quantity is what they want.
Yes karmas will have tons of bad bad signs and symptoms ..sooner or later...if those negative remarks about me in blogging are right.
Go to hell with pro political bloggers...supporting BN!!
Go to hell with blog owners that need commentators to please them ..carry their balls.
Lets see. So far..I am still eating...doing things like I have been doing ..same..these ..45 years. I am 69...feeling 50.
I feel blessed and will not change one bit to please any blog owner.
Am I using my past good karmas Mahathir?
Time will tell.
But through blogging...I have made friends with so many sincere down to earth people..mostly not rich....but sacrifices their lives to save Malaysians.
When I et and talk to them....I feel so small.....and almost all..are Muslims.
Yes....Justin..many Malaysian Chinese..are very selfish and cunning.
Just receive a phone call from have candle light virgil for kickdefella at 8.30pm tomorrow night.
I try to walk ever blogging.
Let those who call be an agent provocatuer sleep well.

Li Li said...

Hmmm Monsterball,

Wow, alot of your postings are provocative but at least it makes sense. And allow us to see a different point of view.

It is very interesting to talk about karma.

Now, I am beginning to understand why some people are filthy rich such as Donald Trumph etc. Maybe it is due to the good deeds of their past life. I did not think about that.

But I also believe in heaven and hell. And a in-between place call purgatory.

I have experienced several times some people who passed away very quickly. And some people who are having difficulty going into the next world. If everyone is meant to be born again, why are there some people who fear death and seems to be having difficulties days before the death.

I prefer to think that for all those people who do good deeds in this life, normally their passing are very peaceful. And for those cruel people, maybe they may end up suffering in the next world.

I choose to believe that those dictators that kills many lives on earth, are actually suffering in the other world right now.

Scary isn't it if we think what will happen in the next world for all those people who are involved in the C4 case.

cilyhot said...

Li Li,you are absolutely right in the idea of easy and difficult death!!Check in recent history how the previous emporer of that wicked country in the east that had caused death and sorrows to the people in the SEA and China DIED.And up to this day they had not officially apologised for what they had done!!

monsterball said...

Justin....I hope you don't mind...I take your blog .to response to Dr.Shu's conclusion about me.
Message to DOCTOR SHU....
"Dear Doc...You met me and said I am a wise man.Then you saluted me for walking the talks....and all of a sudden...I am a troublesome visitor to your blog...with all your details given.
Come on are not that stupid or innocent. I hope not.
I will not defend myself. Let everyone judge.
The fact remains in my are a nice and cultured man...but cannot take a good and proper debate..cannot accept criticisms.
You put out a humble you can be...but when come to talking about loose your cool.
Go see your few messages in capital letters...sure signs of loosing the cool. is your blog...and you have every right to do as you like.
So don't value friendship or freedom of speeches.
What you want..are people talking to you nicely and respect you.
Let me tell you this...right your blog....I am the most sincere friend you have ever found.
But rules and regulations....terms and lump everyone as equal...I will not accept.
Blogging is fantasy world.
Great if few can meet and know each other.
So blogging in a like.getting more friends...face to face.
You choose to ignore so many insults thrown at me...yet you can point out what I responded.....telling half truths.
You know are mad at me battling you.
Yes...they are low class your blog.
I write wake people challenge them with my provocations. That does not mean..I am tempting others to do something bad to your blog!!!! are an unfair...unjust man...because your lost your cool....and STILL put all the blame onto me.
I must admit..your English is much better than mine.
Yes the word ...'may' is not banning me...but read on.."LEAVE US"...what does that mean?
Those who want to play politics are smart with double talks.
You are using it so well on
I debated against you........not with disrespect....but with seriousness....and you cannot take it. is your house...your blog.
You must always be right...and respected.
OK!!...but please don't lump me up..a wise old man...with your bunch of average IQ regulars.
We are far far apart.
I quote you again.....'monsterball is monsterball" said that.. long long ago.
Your English is so good..what you mean by that?
Why now monsterball is not welcome...not banned also.
That is an art..I always ignore. have few loving respectful visitors.
You go and enjoy ...a fools dream.
actually you are no fool.
You just want more visitors to comment...and monsterball is chasing them away?
So lets conclude....blogging is for fun...and throwing av friend to have more fun....that baffles me.
I will be the change.
Best Regards..MONSTERBALL aka S.S.Goh."
PS: THANKS Justin. Is there a way you can get him to read this?

dr hsu said...

Sometimes, the blame is not on blog owners. In my blog, i have repeated requested politely one fellow not to resort to name calling and personal attacks with words that i would not want to quote, and yet again and again the fellow goes back to provoke others, especially when others are talking about important issues and this fellow talking about self, I ask myself, what can this be? there must be a motive.

Agent provocatuer is not same as SBs. Though many called him SBs , i did not do so. Agent provocateur means someone with an aim of provoking others. And that description is not wrong, as most of my readers would agree to. In fact, i have received so many comments which i have to delete that complained about this on person. I have also deleted a few of his comments attacking a person called chaptokam, and i think that perhaps hurt his ego and he wanted to provoke again by twisting what I wrote. I have deleted more of chaptokam's attacks against him, to be fair, and many other comments from people like annoyed,cilipadi and so on.

Finally I feel that appeals to him would not work again.

Some people just do not listen to reasoning and nice request and I have to resort to asking him to leave.

even then, I used the phrase, "May I ask this fellow to leave the blog". I use "May", and not actually banning him.

Justin, i am sorry to use up so much of space in your blog to explain this. But for those who have follow my blog, there will know how much i have tolerated and how many times i have appealled to him. But all appeals fell on deaf ears.

I apologise for stating all this in your blog. I am sure he will start calling me names, like proBN and so on. If I am Pro BN, I wont ask Gerakan to move out to weaken BN and make BN collapse.

I will not talk on this topic anymore even he starts calling me name and use foul languages.

Thanks for letting me air this.

dr hsu said...

P. S. Even buddha has limits of tolerance, as the saying go.

I am just an ordinary man, and there is a limit to tolerance.

dr hsu said...

even a nice person like A True Malaysian also cannot tolerate, and that was one incident that makes me realise that he was not the wise man that i initially thgouht he was.

From then on, I suspected that he was out to provoke, even a quiet gentleman like A True Malaysian cannot stand that.

Bye. ANd no more on this topic..I will not reply

Anonymous said...

read these comments:

dr hsu said...

sorry, that was me. but click the wrong button.

from a reader : 'enough is enough':

But from the latest 4 comments he posted above, obviously this chap called monsterball is more concerned with heaping personal abuse on some people who took the trouble to tell him truthfully that not only many of his comments, but also the manner he posted them, was not quite right. As such many readers rightly feel that their attention had been diverted from the issues in question in your blog. By flaring up as he did and hurling more abuse, in a bid to settle scores with all those whom he thinks offended him, monsterball has proven himself to be exactly what had been said of him here….insensitive, rude, vulgar, arrogant, egocentric, and …above all harbouring delusions of grandeur. It must have really hurt him a lot to be woken up by some of the comments in this blog reminding him that he was naked, when all the time like the proverbial emperor, he thought he had the finest clothes on. Already by flaring up and hurling abuse to exhibit symptoms of verbal diarrhoea, monsterball is doing more harm to himself than all those he regard as his enemies in cyberspace.

Please advise him to consult a psychiatrist to help him remove that serious chip on his shoulder before his inability to manage his anger any further leads him to do something rash and stupid - to himself. Thank you.
from a reader EC Yap:

what you fail to realize is that you are the one who irritated others in the first place with your comments. They have been shown to be offensive and personalized, especially to chaptokam, cilipadi, and others. The so called irritations you bring up are in fact their reactions, which you unfairly regard as irritations. I am sure many will agree with me that knowlingly or unknowingly, you are behaving like some UMNO leaders. Ironically you are lambasting some of them like Ahmad Ismail. He has been notorious to incite racial tension while campaigning in Permatang Pauh where he referred to the Chinese as squatters, not fit to be equal citizens as bumiputras. Yet when some of the Chinese politicians in both BN and opposition react to his remarks, he accuses them of being racists. In your case, you irritate others as rightly pointed out by them. Yet you turn round and accuse them of irritating you! The comparison of your outbursts with certain UMNO leaders’ incitement may not be completely identical, but there is nevertheless, a similarity which can be discerned. I am sorry to have said what I said, which may upset you, but the truth needs to be told. A spade cannot be called by any other name, I am afraid.
from a reader Adam Kontiki
Dr Hsu,

You did the right thing in deleting comments bordering on personal attacks.

But have you pondered a while as to why the personal attacks crop up? There seems to be a good reason for this. I shall try my best to explain rationally.

I note that you are referring mainly to monsterball and without malice, I would say that although his comments are generally on issues, many of them (comments) sometimes appear not only senseless, way of the mark, but actually provocative as well. Monsterball in his enthusiasm, may not realize this, but those reading the comments certainly do. Chaptokam is one of them, and as such I don’t blame people like him for criticising monsterball.

By the way the “war” between monsterball and chaptokam is not only in your blog but also in susan loone’s. I believe they are also in other blogs where both post their comments.

I would like to add that even while some of monsterball’s comments are on issues, many people find them absolutely boring, repetitive, written in very bad English, poor grammar… contributing nothing at all to the discussion except to waste your valuable bandwith. His writing style is such that he writes as if he talks…that is why sometimes his trend of thought gets disjointed, jumping from one topic to the next…the result is confusion. I think many people get fed up when they read such gibberish, and worst of all, monsterball is very long-winded.

On that score, Dr Hsu, I suggest, again without malice, that you delete some of monsterball’s comments, which I am sure many would agree with me that they are absolute nonsense. I believe it is the response of many readers of what they perceive to be monsterball’s senseless comments that riled him up, prompting him to make personal attacks on them, using foul and obscene language with expletives…and naturally they choose to hit him back…and there you have the inevitable “war” in cyberspace. This has not only happened in your blog, but also other blogs, especially Malaysia Today..where the attacks on monsterball are enough to fill 10 National Libraries!

There is enough said in the blogs about monsterball and the conclusion any one surfing the net and accessing the archives of blogs which monsterball had posted his comments, is that he is not a well-liked character.

He seems to relish in this and in fact provokes others to attack him. I do not know much about this monsterball, but it seems he is a bored retiree in his late 60s or early 70s or something who has nothing better to do than surf the net, giving airs about himself of who he is and what he does, (which many would take with a pinch of salt) and make either senseless or provocative comments at others to invite them to hit back at him…which many did.

Dr Hsu, I would like to reiterate here that my long letter here is not to attack monsterball or others but to try to give a proper perspective and explanation to what had recently happened in your blog which greatly upset you.

I hope monsterball, chaptokam and others affected will take it in the right spirit and not be offended and bear with what I had said in a move to find an amicable solution to the problem you are facing, Dr Hsu.

Keep up the good work in your blog, anyway. By the way I am one of those who are in favour of Gerakan pulling out of BN and reverting to its original multi-racial principles when it was first founded 40 years ago.


Adam Kontiki


this is from 'annoyed'

Dr. Hsu,

It is best that we ignored monsterball. I am really annoyed but impressed with your patience.

But you are not the patient, monsterball is.


I think what these people said cannot be al wrong, they are quite sensible person. 3 feet of ice is not be formed in a day. And these are only some of the recent comments , there are many more saying essentially the same thing. And not all can be wrong.

monsterball said...

Yes..Doc...please quote more remarks by those against me.
What about many many more talking to me...asking me questions...treating me like a respected friends?
What to learn from blog owners?
You mean..they are more truthful and sincere than me?
There are few...advising your blog...with loving kindness.
Do you think...they are saying I am wrong..or ask me to accept...the good.bad and ugly way of life?
Do you know why some people like me...avoid to mixing so much?
I have tons of friends....with real faces and namers..yet I pick and choose.
Dom you know why millions do not wish to be any political party member?
You mean...all those nonsense in your are blaming me?
Well.go to Susan's blog.
I am will be thrilled to see few are doing their utmost best to get me out thee too.
What is the real truth behind all these...DOC?
In any many many more blog owners and NGOs are respecting me...through blogging.
10 times more commentators met me and say I am a nice guy.
You did say that too!!
That's good enough.
I will never learn?
Mine word!!....LEARN WHAT FROM YOU..DOC???

monsterball said...

So you can write in capital letters.....3 MESSAGES!!!responding to a visitor.
What does that mean?
Then you try to give your so mild mannered him.
Now go and read his response to you!!
And get it clear..I don't know all!!
Everyone against you is monsterball friend or relative?
Go your brain works.

monsterball said...

Message to Doc Shu..
I also read the whole post.
1.I was explaining your beliefs to CYC with respect to you....indirectly defending you.
2.I noticed you were quite upset.
3.Then..I put out my opinion against yours ...on Anwar's first 5 years as PM.
4.The messages of mine...suddenly turned to be an agent provocateur.
5.If you wish to choose me as the scapegoat divert attentions....OK.It's your blog.
6. But please do not insult my intelligence.
7. New visitors...CYC..notso??...both left...all because of me?
8. Go check it out...CYC was battling you..and I try to cool it down...explaining your character. Is that what you call...agent provocateur?
9.Why bring comments from previous defend yourself?
10.Prove to that post.I am irritating or insulting others.

cilyhot said...

Justin,Dr Hsu,Monsterball,on Sept.the 10th,I make a yin and yang comparison between two good friends of different styles on Justins' Black and White.Honestly and honestly at that MOMENTS I do not know the war of words happening in Dr Hsu's blog.I only visited Dr Hsu blog for the first time on the 8th and now got addicted to it!!When I visit a new blog ,I seldom see the comments on it.When I realised what is happening in Dr Hsu' blog, I am dumbfounded.What a coincidence!!!After what I have written,Monsterball responded but I didn't.(learned this from JUstin)I do not wish to have any banter with anyone!!!Dr Hsu,don't be too harsh on Monsterball lah.I am not siding anybody but I pity him being attacked by so MANY guys .Let him one horse .ok!!And one last thing,I am not connected with any cilis around.

monsterball said...

Your Ying & Yang post....not popular la.Important hue you!!
I am putting this reach 21 favourite...777...full house!

cilipadi said...


Apparently you are still new to monsterball. You are new to Dr. Hsu's Forum either.

If you have time to spare, just read all over again those comments and then you know the exact reasons why this thing happened.

Anyone with reasonable mind will see if there is any ulterior motive behind.

All I can say now is, monsterball is finding 'some justifications' for him to continue his existence in blogsphere.

We make good use of blogsphere, not abuse it.

cilipadi said...


I meant go read Dr. Hsu's Forum.

For easy reference, go read here:-

monsterball said... needs a pariah to teach Justin....who's who in his blog. will be uncivilzed if I don;t answerer back at Justin's he needs many yo talk to him.
If it is Susan's....I will ignore ,,as I advised Partick Teoh to do so too.
Dr.Shu has yet to response to my 10 questions.
I also learn from a master degree of English blogger.....saying to me..." is not how good your English is and showing of with it. It many people understand your messages. Don't change and ignore insults. You have been commenting for 5 years. Who does not know you?"
I said what about the ..."may I" blogger?
He just said..."eeerrrggeerr"
I cannot understand that English!!

monsterball said...

cilihot..Your advice noted and taken. your blog is ALIVE!!!

monsterball said...

If an idiot is trying to teach wise blog owner....that idiot have promoted be a bigger idiot...and next to be like my pug dog....real stupid idiots...but lovable fella.


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