Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gold 916: The Tension & Mystery Unfold !!

Kelana Jaya, 15th September 2008:

The Night Before Malaysia Day, the night Malaysia came of age. Malaysians from all walks of life, of different races and creeds, gathered in unity for a common cause: justice and freedom from tyranny! (TV Smith)

Shoulder to shoulder, they sang the National Anthem and cheered themselves wildly (TV Smith)

More pictures by clicking HERE: (TV Smith)
You can view videos by clicking HERE : (Sivin Kit's Garden)

Gold 916 : The Tension & Mystery Unfold !!

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monsterball said...

WOW!! Doc said I am an agent provo???? What is that?
He asked me to leave his blog!!
What a life!!

cilyhot said...

Justin,I found in malaysiakini that the dpm had started a personal blog today!!But there is no section where the comment are published!!Do you think that its ok to send protest notes to him about Teresa KOK and rpk arrests under ISA.I need your advice.

Justin Choo said...


If it's true, then he is announcing he is a desparado, not that we don't know for sure.

If you post comments, make sure they stink and sting. Hit him hard with words. Sure also include the ISA issue.

cilyhot said...

Justin,Thanks for your advice!Sorry for the late reply!I am offline during my cari makan hours!I will post it and make sure my words sting like a bee,and if you his face swollen in TV then you know i did as you advised.

monsterball said...

But don't ever even try to hit softly....or even try to disagree with certain blog owners.
They project characters ...like Mahathir...mild mannered ...soft spoken.....but deep inside...typical racialists and pro BN.

monsterball said...

But I hit hard at these hypocrites.......hahahahaha


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