Tuesday, September 23, 2008

East vs West (#18 of 18) The Child

The Child

Blue is West: The kid to be independent and make his/her own living.

Red is East: Work, live and all for the kid, the centre of life.


monsterball said...

The blind leading the blind....makes the whole world blind.
But it takes a child to guide the way...making the blind adults..wake up and see.

A true Malaysian said...


That is the attitude that eastern parents always say, in the eyes of a parent, his or her kid(s) will never grow up.

I think, we eastern parents should not have that kind of thinking, but to let our kids grow up into someone that can decide their own destiny.

The differences between the East and West have resulted in Western people having more curious or inquisitive mind than Eastern people.l

Justin Choo said...

A True Malaysian,

Asian values outweigh Western values. Both have strong and weak points. The Western mind is more inquisitive bec it is given more freedom to think outside the box.

Social norms are disregarded.
This has undermined the foundation of strong family values, resulting in divorce, disrespect for elders and neglect of caring for own parents and grand parents.

monsterball said...

Grandfather and grandmother...taking a walk with son and daughter in law...and grandchild in the walk at a park.
Boom boom boom boom..4 shots!!
4 dead!!
That's what going to happen in Malaysia..when hunger knows no law.
Forewarn is foretold..but soothsayer...Justin Choo. I am just a translator.......hahahahahaha


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Justin Choo said...

Run with the wave,

Welcome. Saw your blog. I think you should replace the header photo with a more professional one. The present one looks scary, reminds me of the tsunami.

Sorry for the comment, but I mean well.

A true Malaysian said...

Justin, run with the wave looks great. Under Pakatan Rakyat rule, lets make Penang a premier attraction to tourist again.

Who knows I will be there one of these days?

Justin Choo said...

A true Malaysian,
Let me know when you are here.

monsterball said...

hi Justin!!
Learn good English!
TM said...."who knows"....meaning maybe...not sure.
You should he reply..."TM...when you really know....bla bla bla:......hahahahahaha
May I be excused..if I offended you?

monsterball said...

'who knows' also mean he does not know...and depend on special signal..sign..feelings...inspirations..to know.
Me...no such smart non commitable talks..just yes or no.
Can you imagine...if you ask your wife..."will you marry me"...her answer is "MAYBE"??
Same on politics...."For or Against"...so simple...based on present situation.
Only pro BN...will say MAYBE..especially those who behave like Chinese more than being a Malaysian.
Same as those UMNO Malays....and that idiotic MIC.
These people love race and religion politics.
I hate MCA and Gerakan most....playing such games...to divide us.
I don't blame..man in the streets...being convinced by these smart well educated bastards.
Old man like me..have to walk the talks...to fight these bastards.
Peace on Earth...goodwill to men??
Tell that to the marines.


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