Sunday, September 7, 2008

Versatility of Language
(This picture is not by mistake. It's meant to be extremely disgusting!)

Language is a medium of communication. I know nuts about languages and I also have difficulties learning them. But I know for sure that language is a very versatile tool of communication. Be it any language, you can twist and turn to cover yourself. That's why we have the phrase "gift of the gab".

You can compose beautiful poetry, you can use it to curse like hell, you can sweet talk your lovers, you can con people simply by talking, and you can even counter an attack by chosing the appropriate words.

Politicians are the greatest jugglers in semantics and they dance with the rhythym of rhetorics. When caught with their pants down, they can even do a David Copperfield to make themselves invisible!!

In this Bolehland Malaysia the art of rhetoric has been refined to an exact science. There are very famous personalities who are masters of this scientific pursuit. They can do a 360-degree turn, a flip flop 4-time somersaults and even touch their noses with their tongues. It's unbelievable! They have gone to such an extent that they become fools and nincompoops in public eyes.

On the other scale of things, there are those obscured little people who become famous linguistic scientists overnight! These are like rats, they roam around stinking sewers devouring whatever shits that pass their way. They are big and fat bloated with all the scums and maggots they consume. Outwardly, appearing big and healthy, but inside their guts, worms and maggots multiply. Coming back to these little obscure people who become famous overnight for the wrong reasons. Once cornered, they will perform a break-dance to break their own necks. Sometimes they appear to bite back like a mad dog being cornered.

Be that as it may, as all dramas unfold; the ultimate triumph of goodness over evil will prevail.


A true Malaysian said...


I agree with you. While Buddha's teachings contain much 'depth' for us to analyse and explore to realise or discover the 'truth' in his teaching, our Malaysian politicians rhetoric in their words that are so 'shallow' that anyone knows their ulterior motives.

It is 'acceptable' for people to twist and turn their words if their intentions are 'due to respect or courtesy' but it is definitely disgusting like those rhetoric of the so-called 'grand old man'.

Justin, I begin to like your writings as they contain as a lot of 'depth'. Hopefully, many more readers with 'twisted mind' will be led to the right path after reading your writings.

Cheers, Justin.

cilyhot said...

justin, you are absolutely correct.goodness will overcome evil in the end.this is the law og the universe,according to Lord Budhha's teachings.Last year during a conversation with a religous authority,I lamented about the hopelessness of our country's direction and powerless ability to cahnge it.He replied:do not fell so hopeless,one day, someone will lead the silent majorities and the fencesitters and someone will do something,quoting the law of cause and effect.Of course he was the better fortune teller as after that come the HINDRAF issues and the rest they say is history.Let us watch the show,see what happens later to this ahmad.

Justin Choo said...

A true Malaysian,

You have yet to read my answer to your question in "Allexpert"

Justin Choo said...

Lili and Gracie,

Are you still visiting?

monsterball said...

If Lili and Gracie fun.
Yes Justin...'The devil can also quote Scriptures"
In blogging.....we have so many wise many many blog to pass time....and have fun.
Versatility in language needs a person to be versatile. Mahathir is versatile. Anwar is versatile.
Many like Dollah and Najib...are not versatile..just talk...from written political speech writers.
Twist and turns are by snakes.
Politics is serious and involving lives..and futures of Malaysians. One who accepts twist and one...who is a double headed snake..a cunning good for nothing used to survive.
Why not...he is smart...calculative..can talk ....not to offend others.The more insincere a government is better for such cunning blokes. He cares for no one..but himself.
So if a government loves to create race and religion...corrupted to the core.....some this kind of government...will vote for BN....calling it ..a wise vote.
Yes takes all kinds of people to make Malaysia...but we are a very small country.
In blogging...we can immediately judge a hypocrite.a racialist......from a man of all seasons.....ME........hahahahahahaha
Don't bl;ow your own trumpet...who will do it......depend on SNAKES???

monsterball said...

Buddha never talk politics.
Buddha's "TRUTHS" have been falsely used by sickening Buddhists...who knows next to nothing about Buddhism.....yet talk so much about the teachings of Buddha.
In Christian and Islamic teachings.....this is all blaspheme...and those who utter false teachings or false interpretations of Buddha's words..... may the burn in to hell!!
It is spoken..let it is written and let it be teach those hypocrites...not to be a double headed snake...and bring down a good wise old man.
If that old not wise and is accusing falsely....let him suffer the same fate too.
That will mean..for or must suffer.
Lets see who.

monsterball said...

Do you recall....Moses..climbed the Mount of seeks God's instructions...leaving his people alone for awhile...out come jealous snaky people..poisoning the minds of weak abandon Moses.
These selfish evil minded people succeeded...building a calf God made of gold....praying to it.
Moses gave for or against conditions...and send those against hell.

monsterball said... easily ran away for few days...lost a debate...everyone scolding him..feeling malu....then I offered an olive branch...came back...with bullshit reasons...we all know are bullshits..but kept quiet.....give him back to same old self.

monsterball said...

Carrying balls of Anak Malaysia..and .Doc with no his art.
Thanking any idiot supporting showing the level of his personality...selfish and narrow minded...but can be very sarcastic,
Choose monsterball to irritate me...out of jealousy or hatred.. he is asking for it.
His eyes are blind.
I am the one and only Monsterball...respected by so many bloggers.
Who are you??
If he is stupid and not wll educated.I will forgive him....but he is smart....cunning and selfish...typical of MCA and Gerakan..10% Malaysian...90% Chinese.......making Malaysian Chinese kowtow to UMNO as Lords.
I will watch such a a smart...teaching vote wisely...not "For or Against" ..under such a tense and critical political position.
Remember..this is a smart man!!
Anak Malaysia said....Romerz have changed for the better. I agree.
So my dirty work goes on and one wants.

monsterball said...

And if I am caught in a quarrel with anyone at Doc's don't show up...for a comment....for or against..never mind...I will need to leave your blog.
I need true friends...or nothing.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Justin Choo said...


You sure are an internet dinosaur!!

Go to the post again and click on "hunting" at the bottom of the post!!

A true Malaysian said...

Thank you Justin.

Anonymous said...

Someone here is obviously 'makan cili'.

Why take it so seriously? Please go back to your real world and not drown in the blogsphere.

You are abusing internet world.

cilipadi said...


I have achieved my objective. Let him judge himself. Some people are just unreasonable like your country's BN politicians and this someone is exactly like those.

Annoy 1:04 is right. I gave up on this someone.

Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas.

Anonymous said...

Funny, this dinosaur thought your this and previosly post referring to him (or her?)

monsterball said...

There Justin...they don't understand English!!

monsterball said... talk to kids...and 90% chinese.
Please make use plain English!!
We are talking 'hunting"...and you call me an idiot..and they think you agree with them.


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