Monday, September 8, 2008

All Universities Can Close Down!

Actually today I thought of taking a rest, but this great news should be shared, and time is the essence.

Do you know the most recent scientific discovery that you can be master of "technology in agriculture" in 8 days? You can do it in Taiwan. The only qualification is that you must be a Malaysian MP!!

This is what Malaysian Insider reported:

"41 Barisan Nasional back benchers today left for a study trip in Taiwan .
They are scheduled to return on Sep 17."

And this is what BN Back Benchers' Club deputy chairman Datuk Bung Mokhtar has to say:
"We have already said before this trip is for us to learn new tehnology in agriculture. We will spend one week there to learn what we can."

As from today, all universities in the world can close shop!

Tomorrow these learned personalities will declare that the sun will rise from the west and set in the east. And Malaysia will have winter as well!
And 9+1+6 = 16; rightly so..September 16!!



monsterball said...

hi Justin...Go to Doc's blog and use your hands and legs to give 4 votes supporting me.
One did ask Doc to ban me......hahahahahaha
See...truths cannot be accepted.

cilyhot said...

stupid bn fellows.916 is just a date to wool your eyes.prepare for surprise in the coming days .

cilyhot said...

Justin,due to you, i read dr hsu'blog also.It is very good,but I know I am not going to read all his previous posts.His posts are too long to bear with.Now I know why I liked your blog.Short but effective in sending out your messages,and most important,nice photos and images.and of course, your good friend, mr monsterball.And also one last thing:My cily is difinitely not connected with other cilis around.ok!!hope monster with many balls do not misunderstand.

romerz said...

Same subject.

Justin Choo said...

Thank you cilyhot for the encouragement. I shall try my best.

monsterball said...

Thank you..cilyhot.
I need all the nice chase away the bad guys.
I start the ball facts and also get them angry...and we all can have a ball...when they go beserk......hahahahahaha
5 years....same change.


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