Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tasty Art (#6 of 18) Cauliflour Sheep

Fluffy sheep


monsterball said...

Cauliflour is soft and easily broken into two.
Cauliflour sheep attacking a tough strong tomato?
All will be crushed by this red hot blooded ... hero!!
Who is this tomato...and who are these delicious sheep?

Justin Choo said...

Tomatoe is softer than the cauli.

In this case, tomatoe is old and alone. How to fight the army of energetic sheep?

monsterball said...

Any red bloody fruit or person is much stronger than a white fruit or human.
Unfortunately...one hell of a strong tomato cannot win an army of softies.
But miracles do happen!
Samson did it.
Spiderman did it.
Batman did it.
MonsTerball diD it.......hahahahahaha


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