Monday, September 29, 2008


I think I've read it before. This circulated to me again through email. This time I must share it with you. If you have read it before, it is still beneficial for the heart to read it again. Whether it is a true story or not, it doesn't matter. But the story is very true!! Here it is.


The story began when I was a child; I was born the only son in a poor family, and without a father. For our daily meals, there was hardly much to eat. My mother often gave me her portion of rice. While she was scooping her rice into my plate, she would say ... 'Eat this rice, son. I'm not hungry'. That was Mother's First Lie

When I was growing up, my super-caring mother did whatever a single mother could do for her only son. More than that, she even went down the narrow stream to catch fish for our meals. She would cook them into a simple soup, which raised my appetite. While I ate the fish-meat, mother would sit beside me and licked the fish-bone.I would share my pieces of fish with her. But she would refuse. And she told me this ... 'Eat this fish, son. I don't really like fish.' That was Mother's Second Lie.

Then, when I was in secondatry school, to raise money to get me my books, mother went to collect old and used-bags and paper cartons, to be sold to hawkers by the roadside. It brought her extra money to cover our needs. Then I remember, most nights, as I woke up and looked at her still folding and sorting those heaps of old cartons, supported by just a small flickering candle, I used to say to her ... 'Ma, go to sleep, it's late. Tomorrow morning you still have to go to work in the factory'. Mother smiled and said ... 'Go to sleep, my dear son. I'm not tired.' That was Mother's Third Lie.

One time after my final term examination in school, my mother asked for no-pay-leave from the factory where she had worked for many long years, and waited for me at the school gate for hours. She wanted to see how I did in my last paper. But most important of all, she had made an iced-tea for me, to help refresh me, the moment I came out. Seeing my ma all sweaty and tired, I at once gave her the tea instead. Mother said ... 'Drink, son. This is for you. I'm not thirsty!'. That was Mother's Fourth Lie.

Seeing our home condition getting worse by the day, there was a distant relative who lived near our house, came over to help us, whether it was a small or a big problem at hand. Our other neighbours used to advise my mother to marry again to someone who could support us. But mother, without fail, always replied in ways like ... 'I don't need love and support'. That was Mother's Fifth Lie.

After I finished school, I got a job. I wanted my mother to retire. But she didn't want to. She did leave her factory job, alright. But still went round collecting those old bags and cartons. I was by then transferred to another town. I sent her money every month. But often, she would save them, and gave them back to me in a lump-sum months later ! She used to say ... 'I have enough money.' That was Mother's Sixth Lie.

I was next asked to work in our headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, and within a short time, I was promoted twice, as my boss felt I contributed well and beyond his expectations. After several years, I bought an apartment in a nice area, and I wanted my mother to live with me. I wanted her to sit back and enjoy her life, now that I could afford to give her so much more. But my ma would again tell me that ... 'The big city is not for me.' That was Mother's Seventh Lie.

I met a nice girl, and we got on very well. Within two years, we married. I asked my mother to come and live with us. I felt it would be best if the two golden women in my life lived under one roof with me. I wanted so much to share everything with my two most-precious angels.Then again, ma would say to me ... "Son, your life now is to be spent with your wife only. Mama should not be beside you anymore. My job in taking care of you is now over. Just walk ahead, my dearest son, and build your life and your home with your wife. Do not include me in your scheme of things'. That was Mother's Eighth Lie.

The wheel of time spinned so fast that soon, my mother was aging, and she suffered from cancer. When I saw her in the hospital, she looked so weak and thin. I looked at her, with tears flowing down my face. My heart was so hurt, seeing the person who brought me into this world in such a bad condition. But mother, with her last ounce of strength, said to me ... 'Don't cry, my dear son. I'm not in pain. And I will want to leave you and everything behind'. That was Mother's Ninth Lie.

After saying her ninth lie, she closed her eyes forever.

Now, in my solitude and moments of deep reflection,
I realise I should never have naively believed in all those lies of hers.


cilyhot said...

Sigh,,Justin,I am here as the 1st one.

cilyhot said...

Why nobody is interested to put comments on 'mother' article.sigh.

cilyhot said...

Anyway,Justin,keep it up.We need this filial posts to keep sane.I remembered during the horrible mistake of some one at BN in protecting a woman reporter from danger by refusing her freedom,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,all sane malaysian males stood up to support this innocent girl reporter BECAUSE we must save HER!!!

cilyhot said...

Still no one comment here!!!

cilyhot said...

I remember the late Mother Teresa of INdia.She was the Christian version of Goddess Kuan Yin.

monsterball said...

Those are lies of love and sacrifices from a woman who understands love for others.

Justin Choo said...


Most people would be sleeping after 12 mid-night.

But thanks for your early comments.

There Monsterball is here t 8.34AM. Usually he is 24-hour man!

monsterball said...

Now go and read and learn from a wise old previous post..and have respect for a wise old man...cilyhot.
Your messages are repeated and shallow...nothing to learn start learning...and don't be too be.a busy body or judge others...unless you can prove to be as smart as .... monsterball!!
Do you dare to confront any welknown blog owner with love?
Do you know...what is a sincere true friend?
Start learning and stop making a fool of yourself...belittling me.

A true Malaysian said...

This story tells us mother's love is the greatest of all. From the day our mothers conceived us till the day we become an 'independent', such loves never ceded.

Such loves become more challenging for a single parent where she need to strive to make ends meet.

monsterball said...

One nice day....Dr.Shu will wake know...who is his real true friends...or he is a gone case.
That's the road...he has to choose.
Usually...successfully rich blokes...learn very slowly...or nothing at all...thinking "I am so successful...who are you to teach me".
So ..such a man....thinks only Buddha is one he can respect and can teach him.
Such is life. Such is the way to get along in this evil .selfish human beings....simply because..the brain is so well has few ingredients..non other animals have.
Foremost...cunningness..and selfishness.
That is why..I am fussy and chooses be nearer to Buddha.
But Buddhism is fcuk up by humans...right now.
So I read only Buddha's words..and learn more "TRUTHS".
Right now...stop learning...and start parting knowledge.
That's why....I am still living at the lowest plane of life...with higher plane inspirations and aspirations.
In short...don't try to study my character.
TRUTHS....have made me versatile...with many moods..many characters...all good.
Go and get that....if you can.
Are you blessed with good healthy life?

monsterball said...

Soooo... I am a single parent with 5 kids from 3 mothers...must make me the super duper father of Malaysia....hahahahahaha

monsterball said...

Remember...I am the first Malaysian win custody of two tiny tots...with visiting rights to the mother!!
Second.....piece of cake...but third..I let mom have her.
All love each other and behave like from one mother.
4 are married with 8
They must make appointment to meet I value my peaceful life......more than anything else.
"Let go" my way of life..and soon ..I need to let go youngest..
But all know...who is their best friend. That matters most of me.

Justin Choo said...

Dear All,

Won't you get tired of all these continuous "not very pleasant" comments?

Why not post more positive comments and just let those who want to be negative and rude be alone.

I hope sincerely, during this festive season, let us post friendly and beneficial comments.

If we just ignore the rude ones, given time they would subside, or they would be fed up with this blog.

Have a happy day :-)

Justin Choo said...

Hi All,

I mean the comments in all my other posts as well.

monsterball said...

hahahahaha...RPK cannot handle monsteball..than Susan...than Dr.Shu.
Signs are there..JUSTIN is in trouble.......hahahahahaha
Want need to delete those disturbing me la.
Don't be like Doc..enjoy all the fun..than cannot control...choose me as scape goat.
Susan and I were having some misunderstandings...all straightened out.
Doc is a real gentleman...but sadly...that's a Gerakan blog.
RPK...I will always respect and love matter what. He is my hero.
Your non political...very much like an NGO blog...but much more.
You have exciting varieties!!

dr hsu said...

Justin, i read somewhere you are coming down to KL. Let me know and I will give you a vegetarian dinner, maybe i will invite monster along if you have no objection.

A true Malaysian said...


I found below a statement by JB Jeyaratnam of Singapore who passed away today in Anil Netto's blog :-

“I did not have many properties but I had to sell a bungalow in a very fashionable area in Singapore to pay the judgment obtained by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. Having sold that, three years later I bought a small apartment, and then I had to sell that too. All in, I had easily about 12 to 13 suits to pay off. Some people say I was a fool. All I can say is I do not regret it because, to me, life is not all about making money and acquiring wealth. Life is doing something for the people around you.”

His statement on 'life is not all about making money and acquiring wealth' impressed me. JB Jeyaratnam left behind a legacy that his family can be proud on.

I salute you, JB Jeyaratnam.

monsterball said...

hahahahaha......Now I know...where that famous quotation came from!
YES DOC!!...Invite me...sure to come.
You will LOVE Justin Choo....& Romerz!!!
Looking forward to meet you again.
That I like.

monsterball said...

There he goes again!
"Maybe I..bla bla bla"
But for Justin's sake...he may not...maybe this or that to me..concerning dinner invitation.
Doc should be humble and say..."May I have the pleasure of monster's presence in the dinner?"..or.."May I humbly request the present of monster at the ball..the vege dinner?"join the crooks...maybe afraid of jail?......hahahahahahaha
But some are destined to be good.and Doc have the look of a Chinese he better do all good ....nothing bad. One bad deed...enough!! is me...but that will cost him...10 years good luck.....unless....I say so. You see...Buddha and Kuan Yin Ma loves don't fool around with their chosen ones....hahahahahahaha

monsterball said...

ooop! .After vege dinner...the message do not make sense! I must have deleted...saying...Doc dare not be Gerakan very active member...because he may join some crooks jail...sooner r later..having monstrous bank accounts..that cannot be explained..where the money come from.
His character will not allow him to cheat.
He will blare out all in his sleep!!He dare not cheat his wife too! That is his excellent good khammar.....hahahahahaha
For that a nice decent man.

monsterball said...

Justin...actually Doc knows....I was the one...saying to are coming to K.Lumpur..2 nights three days.
And here he wants to potong jalan Gracie..purposely put 'monster' make me talk.
hi Justin..this not a you may think!!
He may have sen many pussies as a DOC..but one with tattoo...may thrill Brad Pitt...with Jolie...hahahahahaha
"yern chee...purt sum chee"
You can know a person...but not his heart.
So master heart study is most important.
By the way...not only a monsterball..but I also have a monstrous heart....real huge one....hahahahahaha
That's why ..I had 3 ex wives....and soul mate...hahahahahahaha
The day I stop loving someone....I DIE!!

cilipadi said...

someone here is worse than animal, not fit to be even a dog.

li li, are you still so proud of this someone?

siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas.

monsterball said...

All the seedless cilis are here!!
Justin owes me a treat. In no time..he has to use moderations mode......hahahahahaha
Lili is in no mood to response to idiots....but I do.
You see...idiots do not have a well balanced brain.
Just observe..the messages they put out....NOTHING TO LEARN OR READ....JUST INSULTS!!They..think they are so smart to call me names.
These are the real clowns....the half past sixes...created by Mahathir....22 years....of lousy schools and teachers..and now blame parents..blame teachers...blame everyone...except himself!
Doc have also learn that art!!
All BN guys..and and learn to twist... like Mahathir.
Should hero worship and be grateful to him...but no...and thank God for that!

cilipadi said...

I think someone here can't even speak properly, speak in tatters, not smooth.

Give up, can't even understand someone's tattering. You better start from scratch how to talk properly.

someone here is a croc

siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas

Justin Choo said...

Dr Hsu,

I won't be going to KL. Don't take in 100% of what our friend wrote.

Thanks just the same for the invitation. But definitely, we will meet up one day.

Justin Choo said...



Give me a break. Make happy and positive comments. It's a win-win-win situation. If you're happy, the other parties also happy; and I shall be happy too!!

Remember, tomorrow is Hari Raya. Let us be raya raya, ok?

Justin Choo said...

Yes True Malaysian,

Jeyaratnam stood taller than Harry Lee.
It is unfortunate that a respected stateman the calibre of Lee Kuan Yew would use brute power to deny a gentleman Jeyaratnam the right to even practise the freedom of speech, let alone other things.

The late Jeyaratnam was the Hero, the other person comment less I get sued left right top and bottom.

May the Honourable Jeyaratnam Rest In Peace, and may he forgive those who had wronged him.

Justin Choo said...


I think you should also cooperate so that we can have a happy time.

It's not a nice feeling when others call us names we don't like.

Let peace prevail here!

A true Malaysian said...


True Buddhist does not matter whether one regards himself or herself a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu.

True Buddhist recognises one's good deeds. wisdom and legacy more than anything else.

JB Jeyaratnam walked into history with pride that many will cherish him forever. Just like the 'mother' in this story.

cilipadi said...


Sorry for that. We all should observe decorum in our comments. This someone is really terrible and unreasonable.

If he is so hard up to win, I rather be a loser and he a winner.

Justin Choo said...


No losers. All winners!!

monsterball said...

Justin is insincere!!
Sure..he likes to please everyone in his see them coming back!!
In no time...he maybe another Doc...use me as scapegoat see few others stays in the blog.
He better watch out..what he writes!
Even in temples...there are winners and loosers.
Life is so cruel...some loose out for no reasons....but cilipadi is a sure looser.
All he put out idiotic messages and keep disturbing me.
All his .third party references is on me...yet....Justin...does not know?
YEA...ignore the advise....but what about telling those..not to disturb me?
I don.t need Doc or be my advisers...nor boxing referees.
Justin better..tell off cilipadi..cilipedas......clilihot..cilliHOt..all 4 ...but from one ignore mer.
If he cannot control the...then let all hell go loose.
No winner or looser is said...for his own blog advantage.
I play games to win.
I do business to make money..and you bet.I win..from those who want to fool around with me...and if blog owners want to see a side show...then be fair.
If not...delete them!!
Just look at all those against me...Nothing!!...just irritating idiots. Why do Justin allow that?
Then read my messages....are they not helping Justin to attract readers?
Sooooooo Justin....cilipadi is a pain in my arse.
I am not happy you love the middle road...with one that keep insulting me.

Li Li said...

I think cilyhot and cilipadi are two different person.

One is funny and bored and likes to put short comments. The other is hot hot hot, angry, angry, angry and carry over anger from another blog that I did not follow up.

I think cilyhot, cilipadi and monsterball should be nice people if we meet up one fine day.

I also agree that Monsterball is trying to provoke you. But that is because you are chasing him from one blog to another. Ha, ha, ha.

I think anger is not a good virtue. I thought Buddhisme meditation is suppose to reflect our thoughts and be mindful of what we say.

So, cool down guys and you will stay younger longer. Happier.

Justin Choo said...

Thank you Li Li. Well said!

Li Li said...

Dear Gracie,

After reading your posting on Pauline Chan's sad sad story, I do agree with you that some biological mothers that are not nice.

I only found out that Pauline Chan's own mother actually encouraged her to act in xx rate movies & that action drag her whole life down. That story is in your blog.

Justin is trying hard to get us to respect our parents and to remember our parents sacrificies.

But what happen if a child is born into horrible parents home. Must the child be burdened to take care of their ungrateful parents until old age ?

Yes, most have Asian values and we normally will take good care of our parents and grand parents and great grand parents under one roof.

That is why I don't like to judge a person. I always prefer to listen to both sides of the stories.

Some children are ungrateful and neglect their old parents.

But I have also encountered that there are good children but greedy old folks that keep taking & taking and expect their children to be their slaves forever.

Just some simple sharing. That is all.

cilyhot said...

Li Li ,your observation is correct.Thank You.(I am please to meet anybody,of course .and I promise to be nice to everybody.that the real me.)

monsterball said...

What a wise and sharp lady are...LiLi. is easy to get me angry angry...angry.
They started it first...I will finish blog owner or visitor.
I can be very humble...nice and cultured...if that is needed.
Strange..I don't get worked up at such famous Kit Siang .. Anwar..Rockybru...kickdefella blogs..and many more..except Doc Shu..and now..Justin's.
Previously..I got so much from Susan Loone's peaceful.
I guess..she keeps deleting people trying funny with irritate me.
So you see..Justin can do that also...OR..tell me to stop visiting his problem.
I simply hate to see nice to me...yet do encourage insults put to me.
ciliyhot..can say .what he/she wants. Justin needs to check the sarcastic messages...then tone down...just like it was done at Doc's cilihot and cilipadi.
They have succeeded to get Doc focus on me.
Now...they are do same thing.

monsterball said...

And strangely...encouraged by Justin.

monsterball said...

LiLi...I don't think cilihot and cilipadi are two people..I like to be friendly with.
These are sly foxes...focusing to irritate me.
But Justin is largely to be he treats everyone equals.
You see...Justin and I have met...and we are friends...and I am entitled to TEASE he to me.
It's pulling one's leg...amongst friends.
But for outsiders to tease and insult me..that's not accepted.
Well...the problem is..few months ago...the blog was like a ghost..he was talking to himself. He said that...and he appreciated my constant visits. will be cilihot ..cilipadi...ciliperdas..ciliHot..that will be his constant Justin is such a nice blog owner.
Yes...guys like that will have many friends...but how many are true and sincere?
Just look at Singh's past comments.
But fortunately...the young man...woke up and stopped.
Justin told us off...when he had enough of fun!!


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