Saturday, October 25, 2008

How quickly the years pass!!

Now smile and tell any girl to visit this blog,
if she is wasting time at work,
suffering from a hangover,
or just suffering from work,
that might need a reason to smile!

Life is short! Break the rules!
Forgive quickly! Kiss slowly!
Love truly! Laugh uncontrollably!
And never regret anything that made you smile.

(Above not my quotation;
just "copy and paste" for
your reading pleasure!)

Have a nice day!!


monsterball said...

To one...seeing the 3 photos...shows...a never ending story..of the power of love.
To Justin..with so much loving kindness....feels life is make do all your sins away...before you knock out.
To me...made hat while the sunshines...and leave tomorrow to tomorrow.
Do what you can today...and right now...I am hungry for more!!
Don't get me wrong..for more snacks...not sex.

Gracie said...


HAHA! You never fail to crack me up!

See? No just one of my tooth gonna fall out, and I need my first denture. The flesh on arms and thighs start to sag and flab. And the sights of cellulites... Awww yucks!

Next, the damn optometrist told me I've got long sightedness already and I need those reading glasses for grannies... at age 38! Damn.

Not long ago the taxi driver called me, 'Ah Soh ar!!'. And the durian seller called me, 'Kou sum!' (Tall aunt).

And not long from now my butts should look like those in your 3rd pics!

No, no... no liposuction, no face lift and no Botox please, or I'll end up like the granny supermodel Janice Dickenson.

Hence Gracie is aging gracefully...:).

Aunt Gracie

Justin Choo said...


What a surprise! I thought you got lost in blogosphere.. I have to put up post like this to bring you out of the tempurong. Not even my botak post could interest you. Monsterball must be very happy to "see" you here.

But I still couldn't get Li Li.

monsterball said...

Yes...Justin...I am happy Gracie...never leave your blog.
I guess..LiLi prefers to read.
I think....she is a regular visitor too.


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