Friday, October 17, 2008

Please let me blog in peace

This blog is supposed to be, like most blogs, for the personal expression of the owner.

The "comments" section is a display for "fair discussion" and feed-backs. Also it provides an avenue for "debate" which means "for" and "against" in a "diplomatic" and "civil" manner befitting intelligent and polite readers. I try to be accommodating to all types of comments. But at times two parties may be at opposing posts making my position as a "friendly host" very difficult, if not impossible at all.

To be fair to all, especially to the one taking all the insinuations thus far, please allow me to reiterate, comments are supposed to be with decorum.

"Decorum" in the dictionary is:
1. dignified propriety of behavior, speech, dress, etc.
2. the quality or state of being decorous; orderliness; regularity.
3. Usually, decorums. an observance or requirement of polite society.

Since there are indirect "complaints" I think it's fair we stick to "decorum". All comments will go to "moderation" mode again.

Thank you for your patience.


A true Malaysian said...

As I look at it, we humans are the main cause of any problem that arises, even in blogsphere. We cannot do anything that we want in the name of freedom or human rights at the expense of hurting people's feelings.

Everything has its limit. Justin, as your name indicates, you are a 'just' man and I can understand why you need to switch to moderator mode.

monsterball said...

Yes...manage it...the way you think it's good for your blog.
My creative script writings...seems to touch on someone's nerves again.
One cannot apply same style to battle it....for or against.
One must judge and spoil quality mind at work.

dr hsu said...

Thank you, Justin. Somehow I have a feeling of deja vu. The same thing that happened in other blogs are happening here, forcing the blog owner coming out with statement.

Why can't we all just state our views and not insinuate other people? Just discuss in the normal manner without resorting to calling names?

To confine oneself to the topic is like obeying the law of the country. If some one cannot even obeys simple laws and rules, what is he doing bashing others?

Justin Choo said...

Thank you all for your cooperation.

May peace be upon you!

monsterball said...

There are laws in the country..ALL must abide to...and I am a lawful Malaysian.
Is there laws on putting out issues concerning politics?
Is there a set pattern..all must obey? put out a message is an art.
Putting out a message a form of a script is an art.
One that does it best is..kata tak nak.
Why can't I put out my make sure no one votes for Gerakan again?
What is wrong with that?

monsterball said...

I am not dull and do not intend to be one track minded...dull writer.
I am VERSATILE..and that needs high intelligence.
I respect the blog owner...but will go against him...if needed to. I do not carry balls.
All my messages are original...straight to the I feel and think.
Right or wrong..lets battle.
The one...who feels offended...should tell few guys..good only to insult and judge stop that low class values at all. But it seems..these are the smart long as it pleases him.
Lim Kit Siang talk like that too...for 50 years and still going strong.
Who are anyone...teaching to present my messages.
Lets compare BRAINWAVES!!

monsterball said...

Lim Kit Siang just called all BN guys...HANTUS.
That know who.
Go...teach him to talk....insult him...if you his blog.

monsterball said...

Go read same art to agree applied by MCA..Ong Ka-Ting.
Read how logical and right he is...about Malaysians feelings.
The big question mean..he found out....only now?
If so...are they not darn fools.
You mean...they don't know..majority Malaysian Chinese never voted for MCA and why? It is because they give lips services and play second fiddle with our lives. It is also because....MCA is projecting Malaysian Chinese are balls carriers and enjoy second class citizenship.
But most of all...MCA projects Malaysian Chinese have no dignity and principles in life..and one hell of a corrupted race.
Same reasons applies to Gerakan too...but smart Penang gave them a chance...yet Gerakan fcuk Penang up...making 'The Pearl of the Orient"....becoming.."The dirtiest...filthiest city in Malaysia"....making residents going backwar5ds..not forward....poor getting getting richer...lucky few ball carriers...suddenly so rich...dressed with stupid titles.
No Sir!! Politics have no laws right now...FOR OR AGAINST...THAT'S IT!!
It's WAR!!!
I will fight the beach..fight the air...fight them on land. I will never give up....and one day...Malaysians will say..never so much owed by so many to ONE....hahahahahahaha
I will churchilled them all...till next election....hahahahahaha
Come one..come all...agree with me...follow chase all these HANTUS away from our lives....with... CHANGE THE easy...why make it so in...then lead them out..if cannot out alone..type of planned actions and a low class corrupted sinful party.. betraying Malaysian Chinese for more than 18 years.
Only cunning politicians..keep talking good about saving.a no principles in life Chinese based party.
Why so?
Because...most are to play race and religion not love to unite all races as Malaysians.
These are the hantus.....Lim Kit Siang is talking about.

Anonymous said...

This old goat bragging again. Just ignore it. For a simple post of asking people to behave, we see again what happened....Good luck, Justin

Bow said...

Actually Penang did make many Gerakan members rich after all these years of support from Penangites. Just take a look at all these land scams, astrological amount of state money gone unaccounted for , all at the expense of Penangites.

monsterball said...

hahahahahaha....As usual...we have judges...but never mind.
Those are idiots with no creative minds.
Me bragging?
Sure..I do...if that's how your hollow brain read.!!
Lets see you brag too.

monsterball said...

hahahahahaha...This old goat walked all the talks...did you ever walk any talk?
How can one with an "anonymous" not feel nothing...can judge others?
Blogging sure have many hantus.


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