Thursday, October 16, 2008

Of Musical Chairs And Baby Elephant Walk

Today, let's refresh some of the comments we made some time ago under my post "Government Crumbling, Opposition Stumbling" on Oct 9, 2008. Hope our commentators don't mind me transferring their comments to a main post.

[cilyhot said...
DR Hsu,May I say something.sorry to pour cold water over your head BUT according to my opinion,(we should agree to disagree,in a civilised manner,OK?)AS LONG AS KTK IS THE HEAD OF YOUR PARTY,HE WILL NOT LEAD YOUR PARTY OUT OF BN.Why??His too nice 'straight 'character!!He is not SHREWD enough to make the bold and pioneer move.If you look at ktk's history in your party(relying on 'saliva shooter' to protect and cruise him to higher post AND also his 'play safe'statements to the media)He is not the MAN to do it!You and romecz and veonshu can DEBATE with him until all the cows go home,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I can confidently bet with you that he will NOT DO it!!(Capital letters=important ,not anger or scolding)
October 10, 2008 11:22 PM

Justin Choo said...
KTK will "think about it"!!!!
Badawi will "sleep on it"!!!!
Mahathir will "keep at it"!!!
Dr Hsu will "keep poking it"!!!
Romerz will "keep reminiscing it" !!!
Monsterball will "keep kicking it"!!!
October 10, 2008 11:36 PM

cilyhot said...
Justin,as I said before,e need our friends in Sabah and Sarawak now to save us from this tyranny.Please our friends over there ,,,,,,,,,TALK and MAKE SENSE to your MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT.PLEASE!!then you will see many ' goons' dropping out of the vice race in amno.peanuts only who want??maybe monkeys!!
October 10, 2008 11:36 PM

cilyhot said...
JUstin,GOOD WORK!How about You?Justin will fill in the blank)
October 10, 2008 11:39 PM

Justin Choo said...
The present scenario is a waiting game. It's the game of the musical chair, but with a twist. Usually when the music stops, the person is to perform an act. This time around the rules are different. It's a psychological game. When the music stops all will do a "follow-the-leader-elephant walk". Each is waiting for the others to pull the trigger!
This reminds me of the scenario when we played marbles during our younger years. The marbles all placed on a straight line, and the shooter at a distance with a marble would try to knock out the marble on the extreme left; by doing so he got all the marbles. There would come a time when all the players would gather round the line of marbles, and with a psychological twist, some smart Ali would, without warning grab as much marbles from the line, and that act would trigger a free for all; sometimes resulting in fist fights!!Just you wait!!
October 10, 2008 11:51 PM

cilyhot said...
one thing is confirmed.Do not expect ktk to pull the trigger.Sapp had done it but nobody want to follow for reasons best known to themselves!!Now we need another HERO to do it.Please who will be the Ali in your story??We need HIM.(Capital letters=importance.not anger or scolding)
October 11, 2008 12:00 AM ] (END OF COMMENT)

By the way, do you know what we were talking about??


monsterball said...

Him 1.."Hi guys. I am in!!"
Obi.."Soooo What's up?
Him 1..."I am that I can pull them out"
Obi..." This is strange do things. You are in..yet you re really not you do not agree with the in group."
Him 1.."Yes....this is the only convince voters. I cannot show true must disagree with get trust me..and agree with me."
Obi.."Agree on what?"
Him 1.."To agree on the third force proposal"
Obi....." very powerful man la!"
Him 1."ssshhheee..Don't talk so loud. Monsterball hears this...he will be kicking and kicking"
Obi..." afraid of him..eer?"
Him 1.."Not afraid la. He no takok anyone.....maybe one crew loose man"
Obi..."How can you say he is that..when you just said.he is a wise man...and other compliments"
Him 1..." I said all that..try win his confidence...but no work la."
Obi..."Glad no work...the way you no plans to pull out...if you fail....but apply agree to confuse others...except monsterball..will not take the bite.
So pull out la. All acting and bluffing"
Him 1.."shsshhhhhee.. Not so loud please. May I ask you please ...LEAVE ME ALONE??""

monsterball said...

Man.."Hi Doc! I heard your party is dead la...why waste time...stand for election?"
Doc...."No la..still 1% alive. Me doctor..never give long as alive"
Man."Doc..Are you NUTS!! How can you compare person to party....using this logic?"
Doc..."OK..I see you no fool. UMNO appeals to half past sixes Malays. Can't I appeal to half past sixes Penang voters?"
Man.." are dreaming a fool's dream."
Doc..."You insult me???..."may I"..please..ask ME ALONE"

A true Malaysian said...


Nice post. For sure KTK will just obediently follow the big elephant in front without out of line.

Let see how the other elephant, i.e Dr. Hsu (no offend here, since you are in the CC now) will 'keep poking' another elephant, i.e KTK.

Dr. Hsu needs our moral support in keep poking this KTK so that this KTK will not just follow the line lead by this big elephant.

Who knows who is this 'big elephant'?

monsterball said...

Eli 1.."ok ..elephants..I am leading you out. Attention! Follow me...MARCH!"
Ele 2..." March to where?"
Ele 1.."March to join another group....away from our leader"
Ele 2...."You asking for trouble ah?"
Ele 1...."No la...the other group offer us plenty happiness...better living condition that present one. So lets go..join them"
Ele 2..."No you go alone! We stay with our boss"
Leader Ele.."hahahahahaha..Great news! I actually ask Ele 1 to make acting...quarrel with me...and make all like him."
Ele2.."Sir...we no like him. We supported give more oppositions voices. You mean...all the time is play acting..and not real opposition to you?"
Leader Ele..."No la. Ele and 1 are best friends. We will stay together..till the day we die"
Ele 2..."Then...I will leave. I want nothing to do with hypocrites and actors"
Leader Ele." WHAT!..Where are you all going?"
Ele 2..."Onward elephants....MARCH!!..don't listen to those two. Let those two.. rot in hell. We go for better tomorrow".
NOTE: Pack left two! Guess who??

cilyhot said...

Wah lau,Justin,You put my comments to the main page!!!i am terribly humbled.

Justin Choo said...

"Humbled" ok. Don't stumble!

cilyhot said...

Thank you, I will walk CAREFULLY!

cilyhot said...

Justin,May I explain,,,,,,The Ali in my mind is the HORSE who bolt out of the stable of the group of 'non amno' parties in BN!!!When someone bolt out (with sizeable MPs),,,,,,,,,,the rest will follow for fear of missing out of the bounties.Then we can rejoice!!!Hope all will understand after I explain!!!

monsterball said...

Mr.M..."hey said you get bolt out with members..or pull party out. How's progress?"
Dr.Dolittle.."No la...that's reason to be a party my party is one wants to do good MANY ask me to join in save party la. I am doing that...because they send so many animals for me to cure...make me so rich. I must pay back la."
Mr.M..."So will you consider pulling your party out?"
Dr.Dolittle..."What for? Party out... sure die!! Third force by that fella!! So stay...and hope for the best. You never know."
Mr.M..." are dreaming la. BN sure election? Have you not many BN guys waiting to pull join Anwar?"
Dr. Dollitle.."ah he talk and actions."
Mr...."No wonder...your party have low IQ people like you. What no actions? So many..all blocked by PM. Get it clear...Anwar...will be the Knight in shining amour....riding a white lead us away from real freedom.
Dr. Dolittle..."You sure earr?
Better practice to be nice to Anwar...and better resign from my stupid get his trust. One must learn to survive this way you know...agree to nice and everything OK."
Mr. M."No wonder ...that someone keep fcukng you!! That's OK..for ordinary folks la. Politicians must speak...straight as an arrow"
Dr. Dollitle...."MAY I...please ask you to teach to speak ..straight as a arrow?? I never learn that la....politician style of talking...I clever. Straight talking. What's that??"
Mr.M.."No need teaching. It's in born...and you are born to be a sly fox know who. Good luck Dolittle..I better pray for all the animals...coming to you..for cures..that you do not kill anyone.....and keep quiet"

Anonymous said...

Just can not believe Malaysians will support one like KTK to be a leader in Malaysia. It 's so disgusting!

dr dolittle said...

Justin, your blog has beocme a doctor bashing blog.

For your info, Dr Dolittle has declined to be an MP when he was asked to. Dolittle operated his clinic in a chinatown area, and his patients are all work in patients and he did not depend on any contract to survive.

Dolittle also never met any top UMNO leaders and did jot plan to do so. He is only loyal to his own movement party which has the right ideology of ensuring everyone is treated fair and free.

Being a Cc member of the movement party is nothing great and had no perks. He needs to take time away from his practice to attend the party meetings and in so doing sacrificing on his earning and he is prepared to do so because his children are all big and are all doing well, 2 and a half already doctors.

Is it the Buddhist way to absh and slandal people just because he has a persoal score to settle after being asked to leave a certain blog, after he became a provocateur there?

Dolittle thinks that no one should gets personal, and the way this old monster behaves, it is really despicable. There are 200000 members in this movement party, and ask them whether wat the monster wrote is true?

Justin, you need to do justice here since this is your blog and since your name is just -in. Just menas fairness.

Anonymous said...

sorry, typo mistake, work inpateint should be walk in patient.

I need to elaborate further.

If the mosnter's children and wife is not happy with the monster, and dolittle asks the wife to leave the monster, is he helping the wife and the children or is he helping the monster? Will he be in talking terms with the husband? In fact from what is known, the husband is very angry with dolittle for asking the wife to leave him, and that is only natural, because if one wife leaves, other wives might follow and set a very bad pattern for the monster. (In real life, that happens three times, too).

This old monster has gone through 3 divorces and he still does not see this point.

I think he is purposefully twisting facts and that is why so many people has classified him as a SB in the blog. SB comes in all shapes and sizes and in all ages. They pretend to join rallies and report back to their masters. Look at how he twists fact here and there.

I would not have written this if not for the fact that he is balckening the ames and slandaling people without any basis..

dolittle said...

Before monster wife No 1.(W1) leaves monster, there must be many people like dolittle telling this wife to leavehim becasue of this mosnter's personalilty-- egoistic, self important, twisting people's views, Xiao Chi, maybe even wife bashing and chileren bashing.

Same with W2. Before wife 2 leaves him, there must again be dolittles advising w2 to leave.

Same with wife 3.

So , pls tell me , dolittle is helping monster?or dolittle is trying to help the chilren and the wives to leave a real monster.

No he is not helping monster, because he sees monster cannot change.. it will always be as arrogant as UMNO. Monster is just like UMNO, dont you see, Just-thing?

The wives were wrong to marry the monster, but there is still hope if the wife leaves monster, see the analogy I am putting...

Monster is bad to the children, bashing them, shutting them up (like ISA). The wives's faults are being subservient to monster, so the best thing is to ask the wives to leave. See again the logic and analogy. Monster is as arrogant as UMNO, and as egoistic as them, there is no doubt about it. Ask anyone who has met him..

And Monster like UMNO is not going to change.. He will twist fact like UMNO ministers ,(Say Hamid),;; tell false stories (see the stories he told above) to blacken people's name (like in teresa Kok's case).

In other words, he is like UMNO and that is the resons why people advised his wives to leave him.

Justin Choo said...

Monsterball & Anonymous,

This blog is supposed to be, like most blogs, for the personal expression of the owner.

The "comments" section is a display for "fair discussion" and feed-backs. Also it provides an avenue for "debate" which means "for" and "against" in a "diplomatic" and "civil" manner befitting intelligent and polite readers. I try to be accommodating to all types of comments. But at times two parties may be at opposing posts making my position as a "friendly host" very difficult, if not impossible at all.

To be fair to all, especially to the one taking all the insinuations thus far, please allow me to reiterate, comments are supposed to be with decorum.

"Decorum" in the dictionary is:
1. dignified propriety of behavior, speech, dress, etc.
2. the quality or state of being decorous; orderliness; regularity.
3. Usually, decorums. an observance or requirement of polite society.

Since there are now indirect "complains" I think it's fair we stick to "decorum". All comments will go to "moderation" mode again.

Thank you for your patience.

monsterball said...

Why can't response be by another script?
But you are sharp to stop it.
I will not response.

Justin Choo said...

Thank you monsterball for your understanding and cooperation.


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