Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Might Of The Pen

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This recent blog, "
The Might Of The Pen" is worth taking a second look, if you haven't already. Below is its objectives.

About SJS and Team

[We are a team of professionals from varied disciplines from across the world. We are engaged in informing the public on various issues of importance. Our cause is to liberate the minds of all men and women towards freedom, justice and equality.

All revenues derived from this blog, will be channelled to the rural poor in Malaysia, who have suffered many agonizing years of poverty, as a result of complete system failure in Malaysia. We welcome suggestions on the best possible ways to achieve this, and it should be a collective team effort.

“One who writes from his thoughts and who writes as a passion, merely translates them as news!”

“One who writes from his heart and who writes with tears and joy, champions the true human cause…and such is the might of the pen!”]

You make your own judgement.


monsterball said...

I have been using pen and ink....more than ball writing.
Those two observations are so true.
And only way to write from the heart is with vast experiences.
No amount of reading knowledge can come out with true feelings....not even a good actor.

monsterball said...

That is many bachelors talk shit talks in blogs.

monsterball said...

Learning the art of shit me...but have no experiences nor equipt himself/herself with enough really talk all.

Antares said...

Hi Justin! 'Might of the Pen' certainly deserves a plug - RPK is without access to the internet but dozens of others are actively blogging to keep the spirit of freedom, justice and truth alive!
Hope to bump into you sometime in the 3D Matrix :-)

Justin Choo said...


Very honoured to have you visit my blog. I am humbled!

Garry Wilmore said...

And I'M honored by this use of my photo! I just wish I had better handwriting to go with that nice pen. :-)

monsterball said...

My favorite pen is Pelican.
And finally....Justin is no more alone.
Yes...varieties shows your intelligence and inner strength.
Keep it up!!


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