Friday, October 3, 2008

Neil Sedaka : Oh! Carol

Neil Sedaka 2005

Neil Sedaka sang the infamous song "Oh! Carol" in 1959.

In Bolehland Malaysia "Oh! Carol" gains its rightful place in the 2008 Clowns' Karaoke Contest:

And this just came through email:
The results selected by 13 international judges of jokers:

1. Mamak Tail : My Way

2. Park Lar: Dream, Dream, Dream

3.Nar Gib: Your Cheating Heart

4.Tanku Laksa Lee: I Believe I Can Fly

5. Khai Looi (Hokkien for "spend money"): Money, Money, Money

6.IGP: I'll Be Watching You

7. Anwar: Winds Of Change

8. Sin Fuk: I Swear

9. Sai Hami (Hokkien for "What Shit"): Oh! Carol (I am but a fool)

And the winner all the way is.............


A true Malaysian said...

The winner is Anwar, Winds of Change.

Because Anwar is real, the rest 'keh keh' (in Hokkien, not real)

monsterball said...

It is Justin song....dedicated to Gracie...but too shy to write in straight forward divert all attentions.
Note there are 9 for one to choose.
Usually...there are 10!
He purposely left out number 10..that is.....
10. Blog Owner ..kneeling down..pleading to wife...after got caught with Gracie!!
All divorce..but wash and cook for one year punishment. No more going out alone!! Sack Indon maid and he has to look after and the money.
Hi Justin!!...Do not be a goody goody blog owner ....trying to please know who.!!!
For or against!!
Good or bad visitors.
Black or white.
Lili will say I am right...and Gracie..will say you have no balls to tell her the truths. She is prepared to curi curi going out with in K.L...or she goes to look for you.
You only live ONCE!!

monsterball said...

10..Jusco's confession to lover.
And the winner all the way is....

monsterball said...

No: 10 Downing Street is British PM house.
Just like the White House in USA....these two famous houses have more ghosts than any other houses...but PM or President must be show they can live with fear.
One do not go buy 9 oranges.or apples. It must always be..10...or you are a NUT!!
It needs 10 years for everything to go round and round. Check it out!!
Perfect a strike in bowling..9 is as good as any lousy bowler.
My last one..I know..Justin Choo....know this.."PERFECT 10" a man's desires and wish for...but not always will marry one Gracie is 10...for tinkle and tickle..and he cannot help...but put out...."Oh Carol" to release his lust and feelings...but give us 9 to confuse us.
He allowed others to be sarcastic to me...and said...all commentators are equal.
I am going to prove...he is not not offending visitors..solely for his blog.
Let Dr.Dhammananda ghost...come visit try funny with monsterball......hahahahahahaha

monsterball said...

At long last!!
Justin is doing the right thing at RPK'S post.
Now....he is SEEING things.
And I am sure...he above messages are considered...pulling friend's legs...not provoking him.
Just like I was teasing Doc.......but did debate with him seriously on Gerakan.
I guess....a sociable man...can be quite different with one...who claims to be same..but socialize on different levels.
I guess..socializing with friends are totally different from socializing with business people.
But for what is worth...both ca be exactly the both are feeling happy and sincere with friends.
And for that...I thank cilihot...three RPK'S post..and he can judge..cilihot...thereafter messages....what kind of person is he.
Need I say more?

monsterball said...

Now he has to watch cilipadi and cilipedas.

cilyhot said...

to one 'handsome' old man,I am cilyhot,not cilihot.

monsterball said...

When a person puts out all the bullshit support for RPK...just empty words...right name is not important. Sound alike...look alike...and it's important.
Inspite of Justin 3 warnings to him....he is still being sarcastic to me.
Infact...he is testing to manage his blog...right now.

monsterball said...

There Justin..I was right all along about Dr.Shu.
He is a die hard Gerakan using the be a torn in the stand for party election. It is as opportunity ..that is right for him.
I like him.....and hope he can prove me wrong.
But I am also...a die hard....for or against UMNO and BN.
So....'May I' treat him as a friendly enemy?
You better control those...that do not contribute..but want to disturb others.
Deleting some of their wise decision.

Justin Choo said...


I shall delete any comment from now on if it is "not with decorum", as suggested by you.

Fair enough.


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