Thursday, October 23, 2008

Botak From Today For RPK !

This is definitely not RPK.

This is I, Justin Choo.

Botak from today!

This is for RPK..
Real People's King
Raja Petra Kamarudin


romerz said...

Well done Justin.

bodohland said...

Proud of being your cyber friend and trusted comrade! Well done bro!

monsterball said...

Your love for RPK touches my heart.
What more by RPK and his family.
You apply actions....speaks louder than well.
I am proud to be your friend.

N4M said...

Samanera Justin~~~

dr hsu said...

A very oble act , and we all salute you.

dr hsu said...

noble act, sorry for the missing n. My keyboard is sticky and giving me lots of problems.

monsterball said...

It's OK... Doc.
Just wet keyboard and apply soap.
Better still..change it. It's so cheap.

monsterball said...

Not all can look nice with bald head.
So...while it is such a noble do look much younger.
One is PM in looklike a monk in waiting!

Justin Choo said...

Thank you all for your comments.

By the way, Anwar said he was not in a terrible hurry. Perhaps when he was in Kamunting, he was in a real hurry!

monsterball said...

hi Justin...go to Malaysiakini and hear from the horse mouth..Anwar Ibrahim...the reasons...he is in no hurry.
After listening to his tell he right...not to be in hurry? Is he not a smart man?
This is not like some Gerakan politicians results...and CYC at Doc's cursing Gerakan.
I wonder why Doc did not respond to this new ...agent provocateur.

Justin Choo said...


I did not subscribe to Malaysiakini. Just to save whatever I can. Shy only!

A true Malaysian said...

I didn't post on this posting, which was posted by you on Oct 2008.

I see some used to be regulars in 'that' blog, but alas, for some reasons or another, all left, except...Hope not due to me.

Who said virtual world is not real?

A true Malaysian said...

By the way, you look cool with botak head, Justin. How come RPK missed out this posting?

A true Malaysian said...

By the way, I noticed this 'Botak' post from,

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I missed commenting then because I was not your regular then, let me cross check with the other blog why I missed this post earlier.


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