Monday, October 13, 2008

Surrogate Mothers

Photo from BBC News

The world is weird. Things that you don't want will come to you. Things that you desire will elude you. Well, this is the true nature of existence. Take the case of having babies. I dare say at this very moment thousands of abortions are taking place!! On the other spectrum, thousands are seeking ways to be fertilized!

BBC News reported that "childless Asian couples from Britain are increasingly travelling to India to pay women to act as surrogate mothers for them".

India has no law on surrogacy. It is therefore very convenient for those barren couples who have the money to fix up an appointment. How is it done? Easy. A donor egg is fertilized by the biological father. Or donor sperm is used to fertilize the egg of the biological mother. Then the embryo is implanted into a surrogate mother until the baby is born. Wallah! Problem solved!

The report also stated that:
"The costs are substantially less than they would spend in developed countries like the USA and the UK. There is no paper work involved, the couples don't have to go through any lawyers, it's a clean issue, and there is no litigation."

I wonder how the couple register the baby's birth and bring him/her back to their country?

A new term has evolved: "Reproductive Tourism". The town of Anand in the western state of Gujarat is at the forefront of India's booming trade in reproductive tourism. That surrogacy has become so popular in the town is due largely to the success of the Akanksha clinic run by Dr Nayna Patel.

This inadvertently leads to the questions of ethics, moral considerations and religious interpretations.

This is what Dr Patel has to say:

"I always used to tell them, people who are criticising or ridiculing them. I would say are they doing anything wrong? Are they murdering someone? No. Are they doing a robbery? No. Are they doing some immoral act? No. Then what are they doing? They are doing a good act by giving a baby to someone."

And what has the surrogate mother to say? Hasu Matu, 29, is a widow with a young son. She's six months pregnant with a child for an American couple. She says the money she makes from surrogacy will allow her to educate her son and buy a house.

What is your opinion?


monsterball said...

This should be interesting for he will learn..all sorts of to be a father.....hahahahahahahaha

Justin Choo said...

(Off the topic)

What has Monsterbola got to do with monsterball??

monsterball said...

One is mixed blood...the other is pure breed..but both are one hell of a one big ball which ever wish to picture him..whenever you mention the nick.
Justine is caught red handed ...teasing Romerz....and quickly..go 'off the topic'.......hahahahahaha
Let Romerz be the judge.

monsterball said...

hi Justin....You buddy talking about
"The Count Of Monti Cristo"
I ledak him..with "Hammerhead"
If that won't work...I will..get Richard Gere to act as otak tak center him up...he gets trilled..and sit at he sofa....confess and confess.
But I am sure...I am right.
He needs to be a father..get all the guts...and be real responsible to others.
But your teaching not to be a father.
Why not put out one...especially for Romerz...."The blessings and many thrills...traveling the road as a father"????

monsterball said...

Monsterbola...the terrible.
Monsterball....the monster are saying I am a terrible monster??
How dare you!!

Justin Choo said...


Looks like you don't know what I'm talking about.

Go to your girlfriend's blog on Shah Rukh Khan:

Comment #17 is "Monsterbola"

monsterball said...

There are monsterbola.....monstermom...monstergirl.
I guess trying confuse readers and irritate me...but in very subtle way.
And Susan
s blog...very difficult to go through....always in dustbin...and I need to complaint..then OK.
Why don't you post there?
Is lively and exciting....and your few words..are really nice to read.
Don't hold back your talent..go and post and have fun.

Bow said...

A consenting adult want to sell her egg or use her fertility asset to make some bucks is solely her right to do so. NO one or government should stop her, after she is producing life not committing a murder.

cilyhot said...

Justin,enough of this cruelty and insensitiveness.Poking fun at childness person.(I don't mean you,)Very distasteful.No wonder he was kicked out.Doesn't he know that this condition MAY not be a choice???Furthermore Romecz is someone who know you personally??What a heartless person!!!!


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