Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ong Ka Ting : Gone, then talk big

Malaysian Insider
reports that Ong Ka Ting wants an end to Bumi equity rule. "The outgoing MCA president said the implementation of policies was not consistent with the thinking of the Cabinet and national leaders.".........And many other statements which need not be repeated here.

"Ong, however, stressed that “we need a solution, not fire-fighting”."

Well said. Now who is going to follow-up? Obviously not Ong Ka Ting himself. Just like Lim Keng Yaik suddenly realized the "beggar-master" relationship after the GE.

Well said and happy exit, Mr Politician!

Next one please!


monsterball said...

MCA and Gerakan are useless...good for actions...balls carrying parties to UMNO.
Why talk so much nice things.. for Malaysian Chinese to hear?
WOW!!!Suddenly...both Presidents understands Malaysian Chinese frustrations.
These shows..what big idiots they are..take so long to know simple truths.
Best is response..from Dollah..saying... UMNO does not bully....MCA and Gerakan.
If so...both Ong and Koh would have left long ago.
That was...the best..and I wonder whether Ong and Koh...can catch the real meaning.

A true Malaysian said...

Ong Kah Ting, you can say anything you one. Will Umno listen?

Justin, my prediction comes true. I am sure you read that.

Just hope ONG-CHUA (sound like engchai in Hokkien) have guts to stand up against Umno. Better still, pull out of BN. Umno is too cocky to listen to others, just forget about them.

monsterball said...

MAY I...please ask you not to put out his sickening face for all to see?
But you MAY NOT entertain my request... you own the make all the rules.
MAY I ...then have your him proper....with monsterball low class language?
This guy and Koh Tsu Koon are the worst Malaysian Chinese worms....sons of....Lim Kheng Yiak...and Ling Liong Sik..the worst Chinese devils in Malaysia.
Both carry balls of sons...hentam Dollah...blaming their failures to UMNO.
Anyway...MAY I....stop I have so much held inside ...cannot put them out....for fear may not approve.

monsterball said...

Oh kwei Tow and brother..gone.
Pariah dog..Ling dynasty....finished.
Now lets hope...members resign...if MCA does not pull out.
Playing "Two Face"...and supporting race Gerakan...the era gone long long ago. is to unite all races as Malaysians.
Lets see Gerakan and MCA members regret and killing their own party..that is outdated...and truly sinful .to Malaysian Chinese.

Justin Choo said...

Monsterball and true Malaysian,

Sorry for releasing your comments so late. They did not appear in my email.

Only noticed them when I checked directly in my blog.

monsterball said...

Everyone understands who is.. OTK.
Hokkien call a pimp.."Oh Kwei Tow"...or "Oor Kui Tow"..depending whether . speak..Hockchiew...or Hokkien....or Eng Choon.
Sound familiar?


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