Monday, October 27, 2008

Melamine is not for eating

Received this from email:

[ China milk poisoning incidents make everyone afraid to look at the daily news report.

Every day, the reports are changing. No one can clearly tell us what to eat and not to eat.

What really is poisoned milkIt is the milk powder mixed with "MELAMINE"

What is Melamine use for?

It is an industrial chemical use in the production of melawares.

It is also used in home decoration." US resistant board".

Do you understand? Melamine is use in industrial production, it cannot be eaten.

Why is Melamine added in milk powder?

The most important nutrient in milk is protein.

Melamine has the same protein that contains "NITROGEN"

Adding Melamine in milk reduces milk content and it is cheaper than milk ,so it lowers cost and increase profit. Melamine looks like milk. It doesn't have any smell, so cannot be detected.

When was it discovered?

Year 2007@US cats and dogs died suddenly, they found that pet food from China contained Melamine.

Starting 2008, in China , an abnormal increase in infant cases of kidney stones.

August 2008 China Sanlu Milk Powder tested with Melamine.

Sept. 2008@New Zealand gov't asked China to check this problem.

Sept. 21, 2008@Lots of food products in Taiwan tested with Melamine.

What happens when Melamine is digested?

Melamine remains inside the kidney. It forms into stones, blocking the tubes. Pain will be eminent and person cannot urinate. Kidney will then swell.

Although surgery can remove the stones, but it will cause irreversible kidney damage. It can lead to loss of kidney function and will require kidney dialysis, or lead to death because of uremia. ]

Please be careful !


monsterball said...

Wonderful public service information.
You are showing you care for others....while your good friend cares for his Gerakan party...his political discussions..all for his own personal continue as a racialist.
Discussions kept secret...need not be said out.....just keep it a secret.
By saying so...there is something to hide!!...or maybe......Malaysians are not ready to understand high power political talks??
What bunkum...what that.

Anonymous said...

"Adding Melamine in milk reduces milk content and it is cheaper than milk"
This statement should be "Adding Melamine in protein-reduced milk increases the protein content and it is cheaper than milk"


Gracie said...


I've also discovered that the Chinese herbal products imported from China which available here are actually heavily adulterated.

They are the cheaper range of the MASSIVE types of bird nests, buffalo horn pills, tortoise shell powder (kui ling gao), patented formulas of 'wan' and 'pian' (pills and tablets), 'kei chi' (which are soaked in red dye), crystalized drink mixtures and many, many more.

How I know? I took them and my health became worse. And the Chinese sinseh themselves admitted about the adulteration and futher reminded me to be careful.

Hence, NEVER buy anything cheap from those Chinese herbal shops. Unless those available in crude form (akar-akar). And even that, the quality of each akar-akar have to be carefully checked.

And NEVER expect honesty from those Chinamen.

Those with quality that can be trusted are those available in the established ones, such as Eu Yan Sang and Hai-O.


Gracie said...

monsterball ar,

Sure I'm trying to pick up my life, and ermm... yes, I'm picking up a man.....

But Justin is neither my main target nor my dream man. For he's neither handsome nor rich...:P.

Billionaire Li Ka-shing is...hehe

monsterball said...

Gracie..the power of love...does not depend on MONEY alone!
Justin have ample power of control...of his do exactly what he wants.
But his biggest draw being a shy person.
He is also looking for free rides and really free...after strings attached.
But he is not a one time doer. He will go on and on...till the other side...says...lets part.
How do I know all these??
Ask him!!

monsterball said...

And he has been trying travel from left to right....searching for the Middle Road.
You know...rabar here ...rabar middle stuffs.
So your middle stuff is the answer to his prayers...and your wishers will be his long as no money talk.
He believes...all good things in life are free. That is why...he never got any..when he was young.
But at this ripe age is possible and destiny brought you two together.
Usually I Charge people for telling fortunes...but for friends like you two...why talk money!!

dolittle said...

if gerakan wants to leave, do you think it should advertise all over the place and let people know about the strategy and pre empt it? ?

When Anwar kept his list secret by not letting people see it,you say he is clever. .Why the double standard? Just because u want to attack a certain doc who ask you to leave his blog? Just because your ego is hurt by your own doing?

dolittle said...

and why you label doc dolittle as racist when he is trying to bring his party back to its ideology of a fair and equal society? A person fighting for a fair and equal society is a racist?

I think u have let hatred clouded your mind. No one wants to hurt your ego, but the way you attacked people in other blogs, people have a right to attack back.

monsterball said...



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