Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen!!

Ladies on the right; gents on the left; or is it the other way round?

Standing; normal charge.

Sitting; 50% surcharge.

Please shout when you are finished!

Have a nice day. Please come again!!


Bow said...

Porky on the left looks like the son of our home minister? or am i mistaken.

monsterball said...

Those two are typical lazy government and no work.
Just look at how fat..some of our policemen are.
New recruits look smart and thin.
Wait till ....few more in bangalows ...driving Merz with a salary...only good for Waja and terrace house..logically. need proofs. Just see how some police high ranking officers live....and just ...jail them...that's all.
Let them prove they are clean.
No such strict rule...corruptions on and on and on.


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