Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tasty Art (#15 of 18) Pear Mandolin

After playing you can eat me!


monsterball said...

I love eating pears..but after seeing this sickening photo.....pears will turn me off....for thanks to Justine.

Justin Choo said...

What's sickening? You make music with it first, then you eat it.

How musically sweet in taste!!

monsterball said...

This is the season for cunning minds...talking political logics.
May the "third force" do not influence you.
In your talk weird fruits.
May you eat it and purged out live worms.........hahahahahaha

Justin Choo said...

I hope the worms don't get to you!!

monsterball said...

May the force be with me always.
Die we all will..but not by worm poisoning.


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