Monday, October 6, 2008

Politics By Nincompoop

(Banana politics and the monkeys behind them.)

We are so used to read news and articles written only by "experts" and "expert journalists". After all we don't have much choice, do we? Yes, now we have the choice. You can read opinions by nincompoops like me in nobody-cares-to-read blogs!

So what are we waiting for? Let's go! Here is my free-for-all opinion.

What better topic than politics-of-the-day in Bolehland Malaysia. Since it's going to be coffee-shop chit-chat we don't even have to mention names. The present President of UMNO looks unlikely to stand for re-election. This means the second-in-line can do an auto-upgrade to be next President.

Wah! lau eh, then the other vultures-in-waiting hoping to contest will go hungry and die of starvation. No chance to contest for the President post. Since this is an auto assembly line, the second man goes on top, someone will auto-upgrade to the number two position. But hold on. There are many at the crossroads for the number two, including self-proclaimed Hang Tuahs, ninjas, and turtles too!

For this simple arm-chair "analyst" it means we are going to have a PM not of our choice. To add insult to injury, the second ninja turtle will become the deputy PM of this Bolehland.


How do you rate this LEARNED EXPERT article by me?


You better read from the experts HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and everywhere!

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monsterball said...

What can we all do...except wait for 13th election.
I have lost hope of Dr.Shu....that may vote for BN.
Humans are very cunning. We can get along with our enemies.
Other is black...white is white.
Right now...if you can get along with as many people as are considered....matured..wise and practising your religious beliefs ...well.
But our country has just reached a change the government......and all these months...after the 12th election...there are ..two timers..teaching and convincing others to travel the middle road....then..apply their advises vote for as..not to rock the boat...bla bla bla.
I keep reading such wise advises ...from people..who actually supports race and religion politics....and yet....they belong to the from the minority races.
To me...these are the scums of the Earth...willing to sell their races...for personal benefits.
You ..Romerz and I have been commenting at Dr.Shu's blog for months.
He asked us to be patient....and he will surely resign from Gerakan within two months...said month ago.
Now he has a be a torn in standing for election.
I put this say again.....I like Dr.Shu....but cannot trust him...supporting change of government.
So what you wrote...makes me feel sick of the ones...and I too...prefer to be a known as an idiot..with my chin held high up...waiting to vote again..for change in government.
As such...I need to mix with people on my on UMNO and BN...will always be my enemies..until Malaysia is a trully democratic country...then there will be no more enemies...just differences in opinions...for our future lives. Do you now..get what I mean..for or against...with a clearer picture?

cilyhot said...

Justin,all is not lost.Our situation may not be so hopeless.If we analyse the 2008 general election,atcually Pakatan Rakyat had won the government in Peninsular Malaysia!Forgiving my ignorance,please highlight me WHAT is happening in East Malaysia???Maybe I should try to understand what is their way of thinking??If we manage to convert the Sabahans and Sarawakians politic thinking at every chance,we can have the chance to CHOOSE our PM.I knew it,because I am a BN convert also!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin Choo said...


Romerz, our blogger friend wrote a good piece about Sarawak. Take a look there @

cilyhot said...

Justin,THank you.I read romerz's postand the comments and I understand now.May I ask you again:What about Sabah??How come Datuk Pairin so obedient to Flip Flop??If I am not wrong,He was the CM before!!I am sure the political situation in Sabah is more complicated,is't it??Anyway I will try to convince any Sabahans and Sarawakians I have contact with.

Justin Choo said...


Why not pose the question to Romerz? He will be more knowledgeable than me.

Tell him I suggested you to ask him.

monsterball said...

You message is BADDESTEST....!
I mean..Bad..Description ..Test message.
No I mean...the worst I have ever blogsphere.
That's it!! That's what I mean.
However...for smartness...wittiness...and full of have it all.
Welcome to the club of high ..intelligent people.

Justin Choo said...

Thank you Monsterball!

monsterball said...

hahahahahaha....Romerz is getting all the heat in his blog!
I recalled he said...he made up his mind..and will support.. Pekatan Rakyat.
Has he change his mind?

dr hsu said...

By advocating Gerakan to go for a referendum by going inside the CC, am I supporting BN? Justin. By asking Gerakan to move out, am i supporting BN?

By asking Gerakan to go back to its ideology, am I supporting BN?.

If i want the easy way out, I would just say things nice for the leaders to listen and have a easy way to go up.

Before March 8, I was offered positions in the party. But I rejected. Now there is no position for gerakan, which is so badly wounded, why should I seek to go in if I am not sincerely wanted to get the party out? I hope u see the points.

dr hsu said...

If i want gerakan out of BN, would I vote for BN in the 13th GE?

SOmeone just cannot think.


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