Friday, October 24, 2008

Anwar not in a hurry, but we are!!

(squirrel monkey)

Associated Press Writer Eileen Ng reports:

["Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim acknowledged Thursday he won't be able to bring down the government any time soon, but said he is in no hurry to take over given the nation's economic problems."

"We are not in a terrible hurry. Particularly in the present economic downturn we need to engage with government leaders to ensure that they take the right measures," Anwar said.]

Hey what about RPK?

Anwar, "you" are not in a hurry, not "we".

"We" are in a hurry!!



monsterball said...

Are we joking ...or talking seriously?
What do anyone expect Anwar to do?
Will Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz let Anwar pull them into a bullshit stunt?

monsterball said...

Anwar again explained vividly...why the delay and change of course.
Go view his video at Malaysiakini....but you must be a get in.
What I have said...many times..have been repeated by him.....and he will delay he changing of UMNO have made the economic fcuk is not to Pakatan change and have so many problems. It is to Pakatan advantage .to delay.
UMNO is still going on with their massive corrupted fill up the party bribe their ways to victory.
That has always been their ways....race and religion politics....and briberies.
But first...the must play the good guys role...saying all things Malaysians like to hear.
Najib has started the good guy image..exactly like Dollah...5 years ago.
For me..a Malaysian Chinese..the worst are MCA and Gerakan members...keep supporting race politics and carry balls of UMNO.
Let those who are still their conscience...but then...if they have one...they won't be it not?
The worst are some .so educated and cunning blokes..talking how to agree to disagree and the third force stuff.
I am sick of this low class...politic stuffs to con voters.
I will take Doc's speak till I drop dead....make sure .I see MCA and Gerakan are can go to hell...with their members awakened and they should do..for once...the right thing....for Malaysia Malaysians.


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