Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pirates : Gulf of Aden

Gulf of Aden


"A battle of nerves continued off Somalia's coast today, as the US and Russia turned up the heat on a group of vastly outgunned Somali pirates aboard a hijacked cargo vessel, " reports the Christian Science Monitor.

It further reports that "on Wednesday, the Somali government authorized foreign use of force against the pirates".

This particular vessel is different from the huge oil super tankers. Apparently, this vessel has only 20 crew members. But it's carrying 33 Russian-made tanks plus ammunition.

Hijackings by pirates are a near daily occurrence off Somalia, and the international community has to date done little to stop them. It was reported that US$2mil (RM6.9mil) in ransom was paid for each of the MISC tankers.

The US Navy already leads a multinational force that patrols international waters off Somalia. But that force has proven impotent against this year's pirate onslaught.

Innocent lives are at stake. This onslaught by the pirates if gone unchecked may have dire consequences in maritime trade. Political manoeuvres are ineffective in controlling this menace.

The country of
Somalia which has a very vast coastline is just a country in name. The main area of pirate activities is at the Gulf of Aden, to the north of Somalia.

It's amazing that the USA could topple a legitimate regime, but seems toothless to protect maritime traffic in international waters.

(See update on 17 Dec 2008 : HERE)


monsterball said...

When USA do not benefit anything...they will not help.
Always remember..USA government....pray to MONEY as it stolen...taken by force...or tension act as big brother..under the rescue that helpless country.
Look at USA NOW!'
No war....economy gone coocoo.
That was exactly the position..USA was in....and Bush created divert attentions.
THIS POST WAS EMPTY..soooo long..NO ONE PUT ANY MESSAGES..Nil from cilihot ..cilipadi...cilipedas.. ciliHot...except to insult me.
So concentrate on these toe the line.
Justin can tease and insult me. I will accept that. We are friends....but not from strangers.
Who keep ON...making your posts...lively?

cilyhot said...

Justin,I almost choked when I heard last night the US President still insists on his country as the most powerful in the world!!!Their citizens are presently living in credits.(long term debts).Even China is presently holding trillions of their bonds!!!This country is DREAMING more aloud than our flip flop!!!!Uncle MONSTER is correct,Somali had nothing!!!even now they are stuck in Iraq,,,,,,who bother Somali???

Justin Choo said...

Uncle Monsterball,

Cilyhot has referred you as uncle. Hope from now on let's post relevent comments and if comments not agreeable, just be civil to voice out.

It's not nice to be rude to anyone.

A big thank you to all.

monsterball said...

Yes...this I don't mind.
Lets hope..he continue to debate for or against..with no sarcastic remarks.
It is not easy to put out your thoughts....thousands of times...but it is very easy to comment on people's thoughts,
What do you learn...if one keep thinking he is a teacher...marking exam papers.
One should appreciate another person's original comments..and ash himself.....can he do this..thousands of times.
OK...the mood is good...and my flow of thoughts...not interuppted.
That's all I am asking.But you must always be alert..not allow disrupt you blog...with nonsensical messages.
I have proven to bring live into your blog.
I need no advise me to change this or that ..of my personality or character.
You should trust me...100%.

monsterball said...

Remember Justin!!
This post was empty for days!!
I put message..and guide other's flow of thoughts..for or against.

monsterball said...

hhhhmmmmmmm...uncle Monster!!
But that's OK

monsterball said...

Still sarcastic...not 100% sincere....but like I's OK.
I just want him to know..I have a sharp and alert mind....and can read him like a book.

Bow said...

Justin, it is under Somalia territory, USA can not intervene, they will be accusation of anti-islam bullshit again from those leaders of islamic countries.

Bow said...

Justin, those captured Malaysians sailors are inside that islamo fascist country territory, which has a past of supporting terrorism, shouldn't blame it on USA.
you know those islamic government are infiltrated with terrorist organization worldwide.


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